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Game Preview: Suns game tonight. Against the Cavs. Is there any other story line?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Oh yeah, there's a game to be played tonight for the Phoenix Suns. And it just so happens to be the favorite for NBA Finalist representation in the Eastern Conference. And with a full compliment of players.

Whereas the Suns, who just lost handily to a 1-30 team, have since lost their best player (Eric Bledsoe) and their top two assistant coaches since the opening tip just 48 hours ago.

What could go wrong?

The fact that the Suns are playing a game tonight is almost comical. Who knows who will show up to even play. I can't imagine the players and coach seeing what the front office has done since the Philly loss and saying "oh man, I feel so much better now. This is a fresh start!"

I'm sure that when P.J. Tucker lamented/mumbled in the locker room on Saturday night that "somethings gotta change or this could get real ugly real fast" he meant that Longo and Sichting had to go. Right?

Who the heck knows what going to happen tonight.

Just grab the popcorn and settle in.


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