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Watch: Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker has yet another best game of his career

Mirza Teletovic stole the show with the buzzer beater. Brandon Knight got him there with a sizzling 17 fourth-quarter points to help the Suns overcome a 16-point deficit.

But it was 19-year old Devin Booker, the youngest player in the entire NBA, who made big play after big play all game long to keep the Suns alive for the heroes to take over.

Booker last shot, a catch and shoot three out of a timeout, brought the Suns back to within a bucket to allow Eric Bledsoe and then Teletovic to close out the game.

Booker has now made 15 of his 21 three-point attempts and averaged more than 10 points per game on the Suns' grueling 6-game road trip.

Remember folks - this is the youngest player in the NBA. Booker just turned 19 a mere six weeks ago. And he's playing like the Suns' smartest player.

All hail Devin Booker!


Oh, and if you want Mirza's highlights (20 points, including the game-winner), here you go!

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