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Coming Soon - BSOTs All-Star Fantasy Draft

On All-Star Sunday, BSOTs staffers will participate in an all-time All-Star Fantasy Draft!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

So, for context, a few years ago Inside the NBA did an All-Star weekend event where they had contributors draft a team of All-Stars in a fantasy draft format.

On Sunday, at 11 am, BSOTs staff writers will be doing the same thing!

In order to provide some unique content during All-Star weekend (that isn't just trade rumors and griping about the lack of Suns All-Stars), we decided to do a live broadcast of our mock draft.

The participants (BSOTs staff writers) will be selecting from a list of players who played in at least 3 All-Star games, plus a handful of worthy additions (already selected). Each team will select 10 players in a snake format.

We'll be live broadcasting with the help of Sreekar using a live Google Hangout! This will be the second time that Bright Side has done a live broadcast using this technology.

Who will create the best team? Who will draft the most former Suns?

We hope you all will join us for what promises to be a fun hour or so to find out!

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