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Bright Side All-Star Fantasy Draft!

The Bright Side staff writers get together to pick their ultimate All-Star fantasy teams!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As promised, here we are to determine who can put together the best team of All-Stars!

The list of players available can be found here. To be eligible, a player had to be selected for at least 3 All Star games (ABA, NBA or Combined), OR featured in at least 8 All-NBA teams (including defensive teams), OR win a major individual award at least twice.

The spreadsheet linked above will be updated as participants make their picks.

The draft is a snake style draft, so the last pick in the first round will be the first pick in the next round.

The random draft order is:

Scott -- Dave -- Geoff -- Kellan -- Austin -- Sreekar -- Bryan

Each team will consist of 10 players. There are no trades, etc.

Each participant gets 35 seconds to make their pick (the college shot clock - we're not professionals like the guys at TNT).

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