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Here's what the Phoenix Suns roster looks like now

It was quite the busy day for the Phoenix Suns. The team made some massive changes to it's roster. Here's how we think it looks now.

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You have to hand it to GM Ryan McDonough, the man knows how to make deals. Maybe the deal he made for Isaiah Thomas this summer was a bad fit (and by "maybe" I mean obviously) but when it comes time to pick up the phone and get something done he delivers. My working theory of Thursday's incredible NBA trade deadline action is that we are seeing the results of guys who grew up on fantasy sports being given the keys to real teams. They were raised on trades and rosterbation and boy do they know how to move the pieces around.

I would perhaps and humbly suggest that there's much more to building a winning basketball team than acquiring assets and I've never been a fan of the transactional style of management where one simple looks to "win" every engagement with anyone you are dealing with. But let's save the philosophical discussion for another day and check out what McDonough has left on a very different Phoenix Suns roster.

This list is subject to change because CRAZY TIME!!


Eric Bledsoe (still here and likely will be for at least two more months...and hopefully a lot longer)

Brandon Knight (we'll get to know him better very soon but he's pretty damn good at basketball and he's young and as a restricted free agent will be easier to keep around)

Archie Goodwin (only a few years away from his MVP season)

Reggie Bullock (remember way back when the Suns traded for him?)

Marcus Thornton (I seem to recall he used to be a great idea how he fits now)


P.J. Tucker (still here and presumably sober)

Marcus Morris (this is not the other brother that got traded)

Gerald Green (bombs away!)

T.J. Warren (any day now...)


Alex Len (the future)

Markieff Morris (the now)

Brandan Wright (not to be confused with Brandon Knight)

To be waived:

Kendall Marshall (Welcome back! You've been waived)

John Salmons (probably being waived I hope)

Danny Granger (maybe also be waived perhaps or not)

We bid farewell to:

Goran and Zoran Dragic, Isaiah Thomas, Miles Plumlee, and Tyler Ennis

There were also three picks acquired and one sent out if you are into that sort of thing. Personally, I think they are overrated by most fans who fall in love with hope too fast and give up on reality too soon.

Expect many more words (more coherent and interesting and insightful words) to come soon on this very website. Don't change that URL.

If you want to see ALL the NBA trades made you should go to this place...but then come back here.

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