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Five Main Takeaways for the Suns after the trade deadline

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Transactions in sports are all about that instant reaction and the worst thing you can do is overreact right away. That's not the time we live in right now though, as everyone is quick to get their opinion up in something like a tweet right away. This is not a takedown piece in any way, as the guy telling you this tweeted like this during the deadline.

Anyway, we will keep it simple and take a look at five main takeaways I have following that absolutely insane deadline.

The main part of the rebuild might be done

The big thing I see coming out of this after all the carnage is the core of the Suns future might be done. Eric Bledsoe (25) just got a new deal, Brandon Knight (23) is about to get one unless things go horribly wrong, Markieff Morris (25) is on a new bargain contract, and Alex Len (21) is still on his rookie deal.

Add in Archie Goodwin (20), T.J. Warren (21), Bogdan Bogdanovic (22), Marcus Morris (25), and all of the future draft picks and this might be it. It seems ridiculous to say this after a year and a half, but the Suns might be done with the main part of the rebuild. Whether or not this is the best group possible remains to be seen and will be up for debate, but we've arrived. There are still assets around and more deals will probably be made, but that main core looks done.

There are still holes

Somehow the Suns went from 4 point guards to 1 in 15 minutes. It was that fast. Now they have to figure out a way to get a backup point guard on the roster along with the other hole that still existed on the roster in a backup power forward.

Ish Smith and Thomas Robinson are two names to keep an eye on as our own Sean Sullivan tweeted out. Robinson knows the Morris twins very well from his Kansas days and Smith was just on the Suns a year ago. They will also look at that problem in the lottery this year, as the Suns still own their own first rounder this year.

Will the ball movement improve?

The three point guards are no more and Isaiah Thomas' ball-heavy style of play was not helping matters with a recently discovered unhappy Goran Dragic. Now that Bledsoe has the position to himself and the best fit for the 2 guard out of any of those four in Brandon Knight has arrived you'd like to think it will improve.

Then again, Knight does have combo guard tendencies. Will that help improve the ball movement on the team? Bledsoe now has the reigns quite literally with no backup on the team so can he turn into a 8-9 APG player? Can Knight help him out in that department? We will have more on Knight and how that combo will work, but for now it's definitely something to keep an eye on.

It's time to see the kids

While those holes are there, the Suns are going to have the rest of this season to figure out a bunch when it comes to their young kids. Archie Goodwin, T.J. Warren, and Reggie Bullock will get minutes down the stretch of the season, with two of them possibly fitting into the rotation right now.

Bullock is the biggest unknown out of the three and both Goodwin and Warren have a chance to make a big enough impression to earn rotation spots heading into next season. It's a big 2 months for them.

Who takes over the bench?

Despite a lot of people (including me) thinking Gerald Green was gone at the trade deadline, he's still around. Thomas has left the team so now there is an opening as the top scorer off the bench. You'd assume it's going to be Green, but with his contract running up at the end of the year it might be the end of his stay in Phoenix unless the Suns can get him on something cheap.

This leaves Mook, Warren, Goodwin, Wright, and Bullock. The two guys that stand out are Warren and Goodwin, who are both the best at scoring the basketball compared to any other basketball skill by a significant margin. Mook will look to assert himself, but I'm keeping an eye on the kids.

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