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Watch new Phoenix Suns guard Brandon Knight in action before making decision on him

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

He was under consideration for an All-Star berth this year. I know, it was in the East, but still...

Knight just turned 23 and over the past two years he has averaged about 18 points and 5 assists. With him as the starting point guard, the surprising Milwaukee Bucks are 30-23 and they are even younger than the Suns rotation. So this kid know how to help a team win, or at least exist and excel in a winning environment.

Milwaukee only traded him because he wanted more than $9 million per season last year, when they offered him a pre-4th-year extension. Sounds a bit like Bledsoe, actually.

He can shoot it very well, and can defend well. And he's not too short to play shooting guard on a regular basis with the point guard-ish plays. Yeah, he's not a real point guard but have we even seen one of those recently?

Watch him a little bit before deciding on him one way or the other. Here's some highlights of him in the last 2 months.

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