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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Beat Oklahoma City Thunder In Overtime; 117-113

It was a wild one...Here's what happened.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns began the game with Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, P.J. Tucker, Markieff Morris, and Alex Len. The Oklahoma City Thunder started with Russell Westbrook, Andre Roberson, Kyle Singler, Serge Ibaka, and Enes Kanter.

First Quarter

The Suns win the tip and a quick lob to Markieff for the dunk.  They get a stop and then Knight hits a three.

Suns playing with intensity and noticeable energy to start the game. Can they sustain it?

Suns were on a 9-0 run stopped by Enes Kanter.  But then Knight hits another three.  Suns are on fire right now, but it's still very early

Suns jump out to an early 14-4 lead thanks to some good shooting, especially by Knight, and most importantly, defensive energy. Timeout Thunder.

Suns are active with their hands, disrupting drives and passing lanes.

Suns are on fire...on both ends of the floor

Markieff and Westbrook with an early tech...OKC can ill afford to lose him. Pretty sure the refs won't let that happen.

Eric Bledsoe has done about as good of a job stopping Westbrook as you could hope for so far. He seems frustrated.

Alex Len also doing a great job being physical against Kanter.

Earl Barron showing that jumper!

This is not an error...the Suns held the Thunder to just 21.7% shooting in the first quarter.

Suns up 25-15 at the end of the 1st. Markieff leads the Suns with 9pts. Bledsoe with 5pts, 3ast, and 5 rbs in just 9 minutes. Kanter leads the Thunder with 8pts, 1rb.

Second Quarter

Gerald Green starts things off in the 2nd  with a bucket for the Suns.

Earl Barron is stroking it!

The Thunder bench is holding strong. The Suns are keeping the lead to around 10, but the aren't able to build on it thus far.

Brandan Wright is starting to get going now. He's hit his last two shots on consecutive possessions.

Suns had a couple of poor shots on bad possessions...can't start getting sloppy, a 10 point lead is nothing, especially against the Thunder.

Have to wonder if Bledsoe attacking Westbrook is also affecting Russ's offense. He's making him work very hard defensively.

P.J. Tucker doing P.J. Tucker things...Lots of dirty work, defense, and rebounds.

Alex Len picks up his third foul...not good, Suns need his size and length inside.

Terrible foul there by Brandan Wright with 0.5 seconds remaining in the half. Kanter hits 2/2 from the line.

Suns still up by five, 53-48 at the half. OKC now starting to get into more of a rythem though, improving their overall FG% now to 39%.  Markieff leads the Suns with 16 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist. Enes Kanter leads the Thunder with 12 points , 3 rebounds.

Third Quarter

The Thunder get on the board first in the 2nd half with a lay-up by Kyle Singler.

Serge Ibaka hits a shot on the next possession and now the Suns lead is down to just one.

Thunder score on three straight possessions and now take the lead for the first time in the game. Suns came out flat. Complete difference from the start of the game.

Timeout Suns.

Now the Thunder are the team who's playing inspired ball...and getting the same results that the Suns did in the 1st half.

Alex Len finally stops the bleeding after the Suns go scoreless for over three minutes.

Westbrook hits the and-one on Bledsoe...Can't let him start to get it going.

Brandon Knight hits a three now and the Suns are back down 4, but Kanter hits a jumper to put the Thunder back up 6.

Bledsoe with a much needed and-one. Let's see if that re-ignites Phoenix.

Bledsoe and Westbrook are taking turns going at each other...This is why you watch this game.

P.J. and Green fast break...what could go wrong?

Suns re-take the lead with a three by Marcus Morris. Game on.

Bledsoe and Westbrook both nearing triple-doubles already.  Bledsoe is the closest at only 2 assists and 2 rebounds away now.

Back and forth we go...Thunder re-takes lead but then Phoenix ties it back up. It's anyone's game.

Suns re-gain the lead 86-84 at the end of the third quarter. Bledsoe with 19p, 8a, 9r at the moment. Westbrook has 20p, 9a, 6r...but he's only shooting 5/22.

Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter begins with a Markieff corner three...Suns up 5.

Alex Len with a BIG-BOY rebound...That's how you do it!

Great ball movement and vision by Knight to find Len there. Suns up 9 now.

Suns staying tough defensively, and it's helping them keep the lead.

Len missed a great pass for an alley-oop...went right through his hands. Took his eye off the ball as he went up to the rim.

Bledsoe comes in and impacts the game almost a triple-double in his future?

Suns up 11 with 7:47 to go...Can they hold on?

Thunder have now cut the lead to 7 off of a three by Dion Waiters...Still 5:43 left in the game.  Timeout Suns.

Westbrook with an and-one as he nearly leaps over Bledsoe...But he missed the free throw.

Thunder keep chipping away at the Suns lead...Phoenix has had some sloppy turnovers by mis-handling the ball and missed shots.  Thunder now down only 3 with 3:41 remaining.

Bledsoe and Len both with 5 fouls...Have to be careful here and still finish the game. Can't let this go to overtime either.

D.J. Augustin hits a three. Tie game.

Knight hits a jumper and then Tucker gets to the rim...Suns back up 4 with 1:26 left.

But then Westbrook scores at the rim, Tucker misses a three, and Ibaka scores...All tied up again with 33 seconds left.

Keef hits a jumper and gets the foul...and hits the free throw. The Suns are back up 3 with 20.5 seconds left...One possession game!

Westbrook with a fantom and-one call, and it's tied back up.  Here we go again..

Terrible last possession...Overtime.


Bledsoe with the highlight block of the game...say what you want about his turnovers...but he does that too.

Suns getting some stops here, and Bledsoe starting to take over. Suns back up 4...they have to hold on.

Len missed a gimme at the rime when he slipped after Bledsoe passed it to him. It would have all but ensured the win, and given Bledsoe another triple-double.

Crazy, frenetic basketball being played, but Suns are still up two with 35 seconds left.

Suns blow another final possession and now the Thunder have a chance to tie or win with a three.

Westbrook blows the lay-up...Suns win!

Game Over, Suns Win!!!

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