By The Numbers: Everybody Loves Kieff

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DISCLAIMER: These stats were taken prior to the Grizz game and I make no guarantees on the legitimacy of the numbers posted. All stats taken from BWright's numbers are a bit wonky seeing as they seem to include the game the Suns played against him when he was in Dallas.


I honestly don't know if what I've done makes sense, but I'll assume it does because I wasted a bit of time doing the numbers. The idea is that each player has a NetRtg which is different for when each of their team mates are on and off the floor. If their NetRtg is higher when that team mate is on the floor than when they're off, they're a good team mate. Red = good team mate. Blue = Bad team mate. The 'Net-NetRtg' is just the difference between the NetRtgs of a player when their team mate is on and off the floor.

Markieff Morris

General comments:

Alright, here's the spoiler. Everybody loves playing with Kieff. By quite a large margin he's the best team mate you can have on this team. Everyone plays better with him. Notable here, Kieff plays well with IT and poorly with Bled. Also, so much for brotherly love. Kieff plays better ball with Mook on the bench (another spoiler: almost everyone plays better ball with Mook on the bench).

Isaiah Thomas


General comments:

Okay, I'll ignore Kieff because this is a common thing. It's really good to see IT benefits from the prized recruit, BWright. The 3 point guard thing looks like it's working. IT plays better next to another guard than any of the wings.

Goran Dragic


General comments:

Another beneficiary of both Wright and Kieff. It's nice to see that Goran's chemistry with Bled actually translates into better play. Disappointing to see things aren't working with Len but that might improve if we involved him in the offense every once in a while.

Eric Bledsoe


General comments:

Once again, we see that Bled needs another guard to function properly. In an ideal world Bled doesn't play a minute as primary point guard. At least Bled/Len is working.

Marcus Morris


General comments:

Ahhh, this is where the brotherly love shines strong. No surprises in the PJ/Mook combo not working. Hopefully Len becomes a better team mate as he gets into the groove of being a starter.

PJ Tucker


General comments:

PJ loves bruising with Bled by the looks of it. He's also the only guy to benefit from Green being on the floor (albeit, by the smallest margin).

Alex Len


General comments:

Don't let the 1MPG sample size dissuade you. This twin towers thing is legit! Also nice to see that the Bled/Len connection goes both ways. No surprise that Green and Mook are killing Len. You're not going to get many post feeds with those two on the floor.

Brandan Wright


General comments:

Again, Brandan Wright's numbers are a little wonky due to him having played against the Suns this year. The sample size is probably too small to make any comments. However his play with Goran is encouraging.

Miles Plumlee


General comments:

Sample size yada yada yada. Just don't play Plum with Bled or Kieff.

Gerald Green


General comments:

It's good to see Green plays well with Wright (he even throws a lob to him every once in a while). IT + Green = 3PA for days. The problem here is Green doesn't help any of his team mates according to these numbers, which could mean there's a good chance he's no longer a Sun come deadline day.

That's all folks. Y'all can probably do a better job than me analysing these numbers. There shouldn't be any surprises that the advanced stats don't favour Mook or Green. These numbers also suggest IT is fitting in just fine, so we should all probably find another hate train to jump on. Sorry.

Over to you...