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Solar Flares 3/10: Phoenix Suns links including veteran leadership, playoff hopes, and making up with Markieff

Phoenix loves Markieff.

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Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Can Danny Granger provide the veteran presence and leadership that the Suns are desperately lacking?

Let's hope so, because the numbers say that Phoenix playoff hopes are on life support.

The Suns are into the toughest stretch of the schedule for the 2014-15 season.

GM Ryan McDonough spoke about the reputation of the Suns around the NBA last week.

"Fans are not going to fully embrace the eight-seed." Charles Barkley talked about about the Phoenix faithful following comments critical of Suns fans from Markieff Morris last week.

Fans chimed in on their reaction to Markieff's comments.

It's all about compromise. Both sides are making an effort.

They also voted on their favorite Arizona throwback jersey of all time.

Goran Dragic feels that his comments towards the Phoenix front office, "came out a little too harsh."

Power Ranking!

Here's an interesting list of 11 athletes whose careers were derailed by injury that's sure to bum you out. Ok, not really. I promise it includes a Sun though.

Lon Babby feels that the Morris brothers have the potential to be team leaders.

Has a slowed pace made college basketball unwatchable?

A look at Eric Bledsoe's shooting from the perimeter.

Check out the new technology the Suns are introducing to redefine the fan experience.

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