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BS of the Sun Podcast: Brandon Knight to miss games in a season gone amiss

Brandon Knight is missing games, P.J. Tucker is missing buses and Jeff Hornacek is missing the point with his rotations. It's also become perfectly clear the Suns will be missing the playoffs in a season gone amiss.

Umm. Yeah.
Umm. Yeah.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Sullivan joins the show to discuss a suddenly punchless Suns team that is not only losing games, but becoming increasingly difficult to watch.

(Not too) Shockingly, P.J. Tucker missed another team bus last week as the Suns continue to exude a lack of discipline and professionalism. Is this a deep rooted problem?

What are the implications of Brandon Knight's ankle injury on the team's rotations to finish the season and his future as a Sun?

We also talk shop on patience and rebuilding and tease next week's episode, which will focus on the ensuing madness that dominates March (as opposed to the madness that dominates the Morris brothers).


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