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Gamethread: Suns vs. Pelicans, No Knight/Len, No Anthony Davis

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Each of the team's playing tonight are trying to fill in without some of their best guys. Now, Anthony Davis is out with an ankle injury, though the Pelicans went on a 5-0 run without him in late February to pass the Suns in the standings.

All year, the Pelicans have seen guys step up. Dante Cunningham played 30-40 minutes per night the last time Anthony Davis missed time, helping the Pelicans go 5-1 in his absence. He put up about 12 points and 7 rebounds per game during that stretch.

Hornacek pregame:

  • (on two days of practice): "Moving the ball, trying not to hold it. The biggest thing is trying to get in to an area where a guy can throw you the pass."
  • Hornacek has mentioned his before, that if you're going to stay on the perimeter for spacing you need to float right and left as needed to give the ball handler a passing lane the entire time. Just like a receiver in football trying to beat the zone.
Pelicans coach Monty Williams pregame:
  • Anthony Davis is out. "He just rolled it. He may have stepped on Omer's leg or stepped on his shoe or something like that."
  • "If (Davis) could play, he would play. There would be no holding back. I know a lot of teams around the league do that (hold out players on one end of a back-to-back), but we don't use that practice. When guys can play, they play."

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