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Weekend FanDuel info for Suns at Rockets, vs. Mavericks: play $2 one-day fantasy basketball today!

P.J. Tucker loves the Rockets.

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Phantasy Phix

Your Suns get Houston on Saturday, who they're 0-3 against this season, and Dallas, who they're 2-0 against. We all really want to get a win against Houston don't we? I thought so.

Who loves the Rockets?

P.J. Tucker. For his career, Houston is Tucker's favorite opponent. In 10 games he averages 11.5 points per, his highest against any team.

Who hates the Rockets?

Marcus Morris. Morris has hit just 8 of 26 shots against Houston this season. His 30.7% shooting percentage is his worst against any Western Conference opponent.

Who loves the Mavericks?

Gerald Green. In a pair of wins against Dallas this year, Green has averaged 18.5 points and hit 52% of his shots from the field including 9 of 16 from behind the arc.

Who hates the Mavericks?

Eric Bledsoe. This is strictly looking at his shooting, as Bledsoe logged a triple double in the last game against Dallas. He did make just 1 of his 7 three point attempts however, and in the two games collectively he's shot just 37%.

Who loves the Suns?

James Harden. His previous struggles against the Suns are well documented but Harden shined in the last game. Harden dropped 40 to go with 12 rebounds and 9 assists in the Houston victory.

Charlie Villanueva. In the first matchup with Phoenix Villanueva was on the court for less than a minute. In the second he connected on 7 of 13 shots for 18 points, his fourth highest total of the season.

Who hates the Suns?

Trevor Ariza. Not awful but underwhelming comparable to his efforts versus other opponents. Ariza averages 13.3 points per game and turned the ball over a season high 6 times on December 6th.

Chandler Parsons. His last effort against the Suns was forgettable, 7 points on 3 of 9 shooting to go with a season high 6 turnovers.

Last Call

Got it? Here's the link again for you to get in on the FanDuel action. $2 gets you in on the race to win big dollars. Put your lineup together, leave it in the comments below, and show off your GM skills with #FanDuelSBN.

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