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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Lose To New Orleans Pelicans; 90-75

It wasn't pretty.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns begin the game with a starting lineup of Eric Bledsoe, P.J. Tucker, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, and Brandan Wright. The New Orleans Pelicans started with Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, Quincy Pondexter, Anthony Davis, and Omer Asik.

First Quarter

Pondexter hits the first shot, a three, to start the game for the Pelicans.

The Suns miss their first couple of shots before Marcus Morris hits a jumper to get the Suns on the board.

New Orleans misses some shots and commits a couple of turnovers as well, and the Suns are able to take advantage early. 6-3 after three minutes.

Pelicans are getting to the basket with ease though, even if they miss them.

Suns starting off pretty well shooting 60% from the field, and holding the Pelican's to 40% thus far. Though many of N.O's misses were open

T.J. Warren got poked in the eye, but seems to be fine now.

The Pelicans take the lead.

Warren hits his trademark floater to even up the score...Yep, his eye is just fine.

Archie Goodwin checks in for the first time tonight with three minutes left in the first quarter.

Suns are hustling out there, but aren't getting the payoff. Loose balls are finding their way to the hands of the players on the Pelicans.

Anthony Davis has already been to the foul line now four times, and still over two minutes left in the first quarter.

Now Asik goes to the line, after the Suns defended him three times at the rim. Just too big to keep of the glass.

Jrue Holiday checks in for the Pelicans, for the first time after missing 41 games to injury.

Anthony Davis with a block on one end and a lay-up at the other...He already has 13 points in the first quarter.

Suns down 27-21 at the end of the first quarter. The good news? No turnovers so far. The bad news? Shooting only 39% right now compared to 66.7% for the Pelicans.

Second Quarter

Earn Barron with a hard foul on Anthony Davis at the rim. He's holding his neck after the play.

Archie turns it over...He's playing point guard again.

Dante Cunningham with a block on Warren as he drives to the basket.

Reggie Bullock misses a three on the next possession. Suns are really struggling with their young guys and end of bench players right now.

Bledsoe comes in for Archie to help generate some offense at the point.

Gerald Green hits his second shot of the game...the Suns will need a lot more from him tonight to have a chance.

Alexis Ajinca is now hurting the Suns inside as well. As if Davis and Asik weren't enough.

Bledsoe finding new ways to turn the ball over as he dribbles the ball out of bounds after an inbound pass when he took his eye off the ball.

Archie Goodwin with a fierce slam...The first real Suns highlight of the game.

Suns down 47-41 at the half. Suns still shooting only 38%, but Pelicans now at just 46%.

Aside from the one Archie Goodwin dunk...not many highlights for the Suns in the first half. But PHX is only down 6 pts, so that's something

Third Quarter

Bledsoe with a nice end-to-end drive to start the second half for the Suns.

Anthony Davis still hasn't played since early in the second quarter after being fouled by Barron. Might be done for the night?

Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson both hit threes to keep the Suns at bay early in the third quarter.

Suns are already having trouble against their bigs, and now the Pelicans' perimeter game is heating up as well.

Phoenix, on the other hand, is cold from the only 4/18 from beyond the arc.

T.J. Warren with a nice follow tip-in dunk...Probably the third highlight for the Suns tonight.

Suns starting to make a run again thanks to a couple of stops with points at the other end, and a PJ three.

Goodwin obviously fouled hard on a drive to the rim but no call...Hornacek wasn't happy, and got a tech. Ridiculous non-call by the official. Can't blame him.

Suns are hanging around, if nothing else...Still in it, but down 10 at the end of the third quarter. 70-60

Fourth Quarter

Never mind, Davis checks back in now to start the 4th quarter. Uh-oh.

Anthony Davis is just shutting the Suns down inside now. Stopped PJ, Marcus, and Markieff all in one possession.

Yep, its the Davis show now. He's grabbing rebounds like crazy too.

Pelican's now extending their lead with the Suns basically shut down offensively. They now lead by 14.

Warren gets an offensive board off his own miss and at least gets a basket.

Bledsoe hits a three...then another two...but they're still down 11 with just over 4 minutes remaining.

Bledsoe to Wright for the lob at the rim...then a steal by Bledsoe who passes to Marcus and turns it over...whatever glimmer of hope was left is all but gone now.

Another turnover on Bledsoe...Yuck.

Anthony Davis puts the final nail in the coffin for the Suns with a beautiful pick and roll finish at the rim...Then a lob dunk and-one finish on the next possession. He now has 19 points and 9 rebounds in just 23 addition to his defensive impact.

Jimmer Fredette time!

Game Over, Suns Lose


Thanks to "Things That Go Bled In The Knight", "acommoncreeper", "suns68", and "East Boy Roy" for keeping me company in the game thread least in the first half, but even they mostly bailed on me in the second. "jack's complete lack of surprise" and "infotalk" stopped by for a second in the 4th quarter though...It was a wild and crazy time!

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