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Phoenix Suns end of season exit interviews, Part 1: Wright, Knight, Green, Bledsoe, more

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Unfiltered, unvarnished quotes from the players as they exit the locker room and start their summer vacation.

Here is part one. Sean Sullivan will follow up with the rest of the players and front office later today.

Brandon Knight quotes

  • I'm starting to get comfortable. Things kind of went how they went, not how we wanted it to. That's what the offseason is for, getting prepared, getting better. I think we have some special things to look forward to next year.
  • If it can be quick and easy, that's the best thing. You don't wanna go through a fight or anything like that. Or you don't want to drag it out as well. Definitely don't want it to be anything that leads up into training camp. But like I said, for me it's just about doing what's best for me and my family and the Suns will do the same. Like I said, I'm optimistic about the situation, I like it here and I like the way I've been treated so far. Top-notch, class organization and, like I said, I'm looking forward to a future with the Suns.
  • When you start from summer and you move forward, it's definitely easier to be vocal vs. you know, coming in game 60 ... the guys already have a set rotation set ... set everything pretty much. You come in and try to be a voice, it's kinda tough. You pick and choose your times. You start with the guys, you start in the trenches. It's easier to communicate with ‘em because you've been there from the jump.
  • I would say from being here a short time, it's being mentally tougher. I think we got into a lot of situations where we weren't mentally tough. We break down, get techs, not get that one stop that we need, not get that play that we need. Possibly get that one turnover.

Danny Granger

  • looking forward to leadership role (has 2015-16 player option)
  • otherwise noncommittal about picking it up. My guess is yes. Get healthy, and back on market when flooded with cash in a year

Gerald Green

  • got a good vibe from Lon Babby, thinks Suns have interest in him coming back

Brandan Wright quotes

  • "Being called young is pretty much over with. We got to take the next step."
  • (on team) "A good, young, talented group that can grow together."
  • "I like Jeff as a coach, the front office is trying to make this a strong organization. Jeff did a good job as far as roster turnover, he did the best he could."
  • On whether the Suns expressed wanting him back: "I think so." he said with a smile.
  • Said he would like to come back
  • Thinks he can provide more leadership next year with a full year with team. "I think it would be huge. I think we (with Danny Granger) could lead by example. Obviously, we've been on some playoff teams in the past, we can bring some of those qualities. Most of these guys have never been in the playoffs."

Eric Bledsoe quotes

  • (paraphrase the first two minutes): I'm going to get better but don't need to work on any one thing.
  • (what went wrong) We just fell off. I thought we played great all year. We just got to get better for next season.
  • I love to play with B-Knight. I thought he should have been an All-Star in Milwaukee.
  • There's a lot I need to get better at, as far as my leadership and mental approach to the game. I've got to put in a lot of work.
  • I'm definitely coming back earlier (than Media Day). I'm going to be here training with them (the young guys) and training with myself (in the summer/fall).
  • The only way they are going to get better is to play (the young guys, Archie, Alex, T.J.). They got to play against the top talent.
  • (on RFA) Don't stress on it. Do what you can control.
  • It's got to start earlier, in training camp (on being more vocal).
  • I wouldn't say more vocal. Definitely need to be a little more demanding. You look at the Spurs, I don't they yell at each other but at the end of the day they expect more from everybody out on the floor. I definitely need to be a little more demanding, as far as everybody helping each other out.
  • No question, everybody could tell. We were playing terrible. We are all accountable for it.

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