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Phoenix Suns Exit Interviews Part 2: Tucker, Len, Markieff, Marcus

Here's part two of the exit interviews by the Suns players today as they reflected on the 2014-15 season, and looked ahead to the future as well.

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Here is what the second set of Phoenix Suns players had to say during their exit interviews today:

P.J. Tucker

Tucker talked about the season and the differences fro last season, specifically the changes to the team with losing players and adding new ones. He also talked about how they didn't finish as strongly as they did the year prior because of not only that, but the injuries that hurt them as well. P.J. still feels optimistic about the direction of the team, and thinks that the team can build on the bright spots year and be much better next season.

Alex Len

Len made an interesting comment during his exit interview in saying that he thought the Suns actually played better team basketball after the All-Star break, and got more of the players involved. Of course, the record would suggest otherwise. But perhaps that had more to do with chemistry and injuries than effective play? This will be something to keep an eye on next year.

Markieff Morris

Keef mentioned that he is now the elder spokesman on the team, playing for the Suns for the last five seasons, and wanting to be a leader on the team. He also talked about needing to get stronger in the off-season, and his belief that what the team lacks most at the moment is veteran leadership. Keef also had some compliments for Alex Len, praising his work ethic and talking about how good of a player he will become.

Marcus Morris

Mook spoke about the overall inconsistency of the team, and needing to improve his consistency as a shooter, specifically mentioning how his field goal percentage dropped after the All-Star break.  He also mentioned adding more veterans, but didn't seem to think anything specific was missing from the team skill or talent wise.

That's it for the players today...Up next is the Suns front office.

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