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Phoenix Suns lose on last second shot for fifth time this season

The Phoenix Suns were beat by a game winning shot in the final second for the fifth time this season as a robust effort fell just short in a 107-106 loss to the Golden St. Warriors.

Of course.
Of course.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This figures.

Of course that went in.

Raise your hand if a feeling of impending doom blanketed over you when the Warriors were ready to inbound the ball on that final possession. *Jim raises hand.

It might not have been a buzzer-beater in the purest sense, but it maintains the maddening karmic imbalance that has plagued the Suns this season.

It wasn't quite the "Miracle at the Oracle", but it was another game winning bounce in shot on a broken play as Harrison Barnes staggered through the lane and tossed up a prayer.

Barnes joins Blake Griffin, Khris Middleton, DeMarcus Cousins and James Harden in a group that has disemboweled the Suns this season with last second daggers. The previous four were all true buzzer beaters.

Really a shame... This would have been a nice win for a team that has struggled through so much adversity.

Oh well, this weird, disappointing season is coming closer to its inexorable end.


After the dispirited Suns were subjected to a pantsing at the hands of the Portland Trail Blazers the game after blowing a 20 point lead to the Oklahoma City Thunder this game was a great opportunity to bounce back and show some grit and resolve...

Or roll over and die.

Those of us that expected the latter... *Jim raises hand again... were sadly mistaken.

The Suns trotted out a starting five of Brandan Wright, the Morris brothers, P.J. Tucker and Eric Bledsoe. P.J Tucker still isn't a shooting guard.

Phoenix kept things close early before the Warriors ran off 13 straight points to stretch their lead to 36-22 early in the second period. It turned out the Suns just didn't have answers for Shaun Livingston and James Michael McAdoo.

James Michael McAdoo is always called by all three words to help differentiate between all the other James McAdoo's... I guess. TNT's announcers rattled off the full name. For more proof check out ESPN's box score.

I'm not sure why this fascinates me, but at that point in the game I was debating whether this might be the most interesting thing about the game.

It wasn't.

The Suns clawed back within five (46-41) with two minutes left in the second quarter, but the Warriors closed the half with a 9-3 run. Eric Bledsoe failed to get a shot off before the buzzer despite starting the possession with 11 seconds left. He needs to work on that. He'd get a chance to watch how it's done later. Pay attention, Eric.

Reggie Bullock played 13 minutes in the first half, but managed just one point, one rebound and one assist. I guess that qualifies as squandering an opportunity, because he didn't step back on the court in the second half. Some other guy off the bench had a pretty decent game, though. More on that later.

Phoenix pulled within one (72-71) near the close of the third quarter before ex-Sun Leandro Barbosa hit a three and then went behind the back on a drive through the lane for a basket that brought the crowd to its feet. Beep beep.

At this point the Suns were hanging around, but they just couldn't quite get over the hump. That would change.

A three point play by T.J. Warren with 5:33 to go gave the Suns their first lead (89-88) since they were up 10-8 in the first quarter. Warren scored 15 points in the fourth quarter and the Suns were running their offense through him late in the game. That's an intriguing development.

In case you hadn't guessed, he was that other guy off the bench that had a pretty decent game.

After Bledsoe helped extend a possession with an offensive rebound he hit a three to put the Suns up four (98-94) with 2:31 remaining. Curry, who finished with 28 points, responded with a three of his own in transition to cut it back to one.

He's good.

The Suns were able to execute their offense down the stretch, but Curry and Klay Thompson both hit threes in the final minute to keep Golden St. in the game. The Warriors also snatched up four offensive rebounds in the closing moments. Eric Bledsoe put the Suns up 106-105 on a layup with just under five seconds to play.

It was too much time.

It's always too much time.

At least this season.

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