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Final Score: Phoenix Suns Beat Utah Jazz 87-85

The Suns played the Jazz back at home tonight after a tough loss on the road to the Warriors on Thursday...Here's what happened.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns start the game with Eric Bledsoe, P.J. Tucker, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, and Brandan Wright. Both Alex Len (nose) and Brandon Knight (ankle) are out tonight once again.

As for the Utah Jazz, they begin the game with Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Rudy Gobert. Trey Burke (back) and Alec Burks (shoulder) are both out for the Jazz.

First Quarter

Bledsoe with a BEAUTIFUL lob over the top of Gobert for the Wright Stuff!

Bledsoe just took Exum to school on a beautiful crossover, but couldn't convert.

Rodney Hood can shoot. #analysis

T.J. Warren checks in.

Suns already down 10 to the Jazz halfway through the first quarter...they need a spark.

Wright floater ends the drought for the Suns. Then T.J. Warren gets on the board with a beautiful spin move on the next possession.

Nice block by Wright on Hayward at the rim.

Great feed by Warren to Wright, but Brandan couldn't hit the jump hook.

T.J. Warren with the SLAM!

Warren may not be the most explosive player, but his athleticism is underrated.

Suns down 18-13 to the Jazz after the first quarter.

Second Quarter

Archie Goodwin starts off the 2nd quarter with a fast break lay in.

Jerel McNeal with the nice P&R pass to Wright who gets fouled at the rim.

Jazz certainly have a good defense, but a big part of the Suns issues so far this game is lack of shooters.

Morris to Morris for the dunk!

Suns keep chipping away at the lead...slowly. Archie hits three free throws after being fouled on a three.

Gerald Green checks in and scores almost immediately.

Gerald Green with the pull up jumper and-one. Suns take the lead. up 34-33.

Gerald Gr33n again!

Wright with a nice up and under scoop for two.

Rodney Hood still keeping the Jazz in it.

Suns now with a 6 point lead after a fast break basket by Bledsoe. 43-37 with 51 seconds left in the first half.

Keef with the three and-one...possible four point play coming.

He hits the free throw. Suns now up 10.

Suns lead Jazz 47-37 at the half.

Third Quarter

Gobert gets the first basket of the 2nd half for the Jazz.

Suns really need Bledsoe to get going...That was only his 2nd basket of the game so far.

Bledsoe must've heard me. He just hit another.

Bledsoe with a nice pass to Wright for the dunk over the Stifle Tower himself!

Favors with a vicious slam.

Brandan Wright off to another good game so far. Already has 12 points, 3 rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 steals.

Bledsoe is fouled on a three point shot attempt...He'll shoot three. He makes them all.

Gerald Green is still the 2nd leading scorer on the Suns, with all of his 10 points coming in just 6 minutes of the 2nd quarter.

Green comes in the game and picks back up right where he left off, hitting the two-point jumper.

Hayward just beat Gerald Green in a foot race to a loose ball.

Green with the and-one jumper...He misses the free throw, but hew now has 14 points in just 9 minutes.

Utah catches the Suns and takes the lead to end the third quarter. Now up 68-65.

Fourth Quarter

Suns start the fourth quarter flat. Misses and turnovers.

Gerald Green with a much needed three.

Green has been everything for the  Suns so far tonight. He hits another jumper, then a dunk. He now has 21.

Guess who? Gerald Gr33n for three!

Tucker gets into the action with a three of his own.

Markieff gives the Suns a three point lead with 2:45 to go.

Hayward answers right back though with a two point field goal.

Beautiful drive and finish by Bledsoe. Suns up three.

Favors answers back.

Bledsoe had to tell Gerald "no" with a fresh shot clock and 41 seconds left in the game. Gerald wanted to shoot it...Can't blame him.

Suns up one with 18 seconds left. Bledsoe gets fouled, but goes one of two from the line.

Jazz ball with 16 seconds remaining, and down only two.

Jazz miss.

Game Over, Suns Win

It might not mean anything, but the Suns showed that they aren't going to quit. The Suns are back over .500 on the least for now.

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