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Phoenix Suns pretty Christmas Day uniforms we'll never see

The NBA is apparently going in an entirely new direction with its Christmas Day uniforms for the 2015-16 season. Too bad we'll never get to see them used.

The sports uniform web site has broken the NBA internet with the only thing sexier than a Steve Nash pocketpass: leaked images of new uniforms. In this case we are looking at designs for the Christmas Day games on December 25, 2015.

You will immediately note the distinct and very pleasing lack of sleeves. Hopefully, this signals a move away from that horrible idea that most fans and players equally loath. Basketball uniforms should not have sleeves in any league with players above the age of 12. Period.

This design has a throwback script font and a clean and simple design that I like because I also have a throwback and simple design that at least my kids like...or pretend to like. Whatever.

Of course, before you get too excited and put these on your Christmas wish list remember that only the league's best and most appealing (aka big market) teams are selected to play in the NBA's premier holiday showcase. So basically, don't expect the Phoenix Suns to ever wear these.

Then again, it's 100% reasonable to assume that the league will still find a way to sell you something so maybe go ahead and start begging your mom for one now.

Here's the shorts that will supposedly go with the shirts that we will likely never see stained by the sweet sweat of Alex Len.

xmas shorts

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