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Phoenix Suns have small, small, tiny, almost-nil chance at lottery win

The annual NBA draft lottery is being held on Tuesday, May 19, with the Phoenix Suns sending Alex Len to pass on some lottery luck.

While Len is the Suns highest pick since the 80s, he better represents the typical bad luck than good. The Suns had the league's 4th worst record in 2012-13, but went into the lottery with a better chance to drop down a spot than not.

The fourth worst team (the Lakers this year) has the following odds: 11.9 percent chance at first pick; 12.60 percent chance at second pick; 13.30 percent chance at third pick; 9.85 percent chance at fourth pick; 35.07 percent chance at fifth pick; 16.03 percent chance at sixth pick; 1.25 percent chance at seventh pick.

The Suns in 2013, as you might guess, dropped to the 5th pick. This year, Suns fans will be praying harder for the Lakers not to beat the odds, and to settle into the 4th or 5th pick. Dropping to 6th would be a disaster.

The Suns odds this year are overwhelmingly likely to be a non-event: .6 percent chance at first pick; .71 percent chance at second pick; .87 percent chance at third pick; 96.02 percent chance at 13th pick; 1.8 percent chance at 14th pick.

The Suns will likely get #13, while the Lakers will likely get #5.

But whoever gets the first overall pick is likely to (spoiler alert) get a pretty good player.

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