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The Madhouse - Conference Finals Edition

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The conference finals matches are set! In the east it's the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers. In the west, we've got the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. I, for one, am excited that a Golden State-Atlanta NBA Finals is still alive. Lot's of good storylines here. I am pretty much OK with any of the following scenarios.

Golden State Warriors win - The team playing the NBA version of "the beautiful game" wins their first championship in 40 years.

Cleveland Cavaliers win - It's a storybook ending for Lebron James and a snakebitten sports city. Cleveland finally gets to win at something.

Atlanta Hawks win - Small market franchise with no "stars" overcomes decades of ownership strife to win its first championship since 1958.

Houston Rockets win - James Harden and Dwight Howard are basically the Anti-Michael-and-Scottie. Daryl Morey is finally vindicated, the rest of the NBA sells its soul to algorithms, the Knicks and Phil Jackson become even more irrelevant. To be honest, this one's kind of a mixed bag.

Also happening this week:

* Mad Max: Fury Road blew some minds.

* Game of Thrones continues to deviate from the Gospel According to George.

* Adios, Mad Men. What you got, Madhousers?

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