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Top Five Prospects for the Phoenix Suns #13 Pick in the 2015 NBA Draft

Keeping in mind the Suns Franchise style of play of fast paced offense, who should the Suns pick with their #13 Pick?

Myles Turner
Myles Turner
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA combine is over and the lottery order has been set. The Phoenix Suns ended with the pick everyone excepted them to have the 13th pick. An article earlier in the week detailed who the Suns top prospects would be regardless of where they were picking. But, now that we know 100% (unless there is a draft day trade) where the Suns are going to draft it's time to dive into the top five prospects within the Suns reach. The Suns style typically consists of fast, athletic players who can shoot.

1. Bobby Portis 6'11, 246lbs, PF, Arkansas

DX profile here (ranked #18)

What Bobby Portis lacks in explosiveness he makes up for in his endless motor and hustle. He likes to get out and run the floor using his great mobility. He gets out in front of defenses and finishes in transition. Portis  rolls to the rim hard on pick and rolls creating space for the guard to either hit him on the role or score. He also has the body control to drive to the basket from the perimeter effectively. Portis crashes the offensive boards hard averaging 4.5 offensive boards per game in college, however he needs to work on his defensive rebounding. Portis could fill the stretch four role the Suns love to have. He shot 41 percent on all jump shots last year, including 43.5% from mid-range. He didn't take many threes last year, only 0.8 per game but he connected on 46.7% of his attempts. He also shot 73.7% from the free throw line. To go along with his jump shot he has a solid post game but not an elite post game.

2. Devin Booker 6'6, 206lbs, SG, Kentucky

DX profile here (ranked #12)

Devin Booker is one of the best shooters in this draft class which, is the main reason he fits the Suns play style so well. He shot 41% from three and 83% from the free throw line during his only year at Kentucky. Booker has good size for the shooting guard position which will help him shoot over defenders. He isn't the most explosive player but registered a solid 34.5 inch max vertical at the combine. Booker will be a good option for spot up transition threes. Booker is also the youngest player in this draft class, he won't turn 19 October 30th, which gives him plenty of time to develop into becoming a better overall basketball player in the league.

3. Sam Dekker 6'9, 219lbs, SF, Wisconsin

DX profile here (ranked #16)

Sam Dekker is one of the most versatile players in the 2015 draft class. He has the ability to soar for a rebound, take it coast to coast, and finish with a dunk or a smart pass to a teammate for an assist. He is a great slasher and has the potential to become a good spot up shooter; he is inconsistent at times. He shot 33.1% from deep last season. When he drives he doesn't show premier ball handling, mostly using straight line drives, but he takes care of the ball only averaging 0.9 turnovers per game and has the ability to find open teammates. His 8'10 standing reach combined with his 34.5" max vertical allows him to be an above the rim athlete who will thrive in a transition offense like the Suns.

4. Myles Turner 7'0, 239lbs, C, Texas

DX profile here (ranked #11)

Myles Turner isn't the best transition player, in thirty-four games he only made five out of thirteen field goals in transition. However, Myles Turner could still be very effective in the Suns offense as the trailing big man who can hit the three. He has a long frame with a 9'5 standing reach, don't except many defenders to be able to block his jump shot. He has a good face up game and will help space the floor. Turner is a great shot blocker and rebounder who could become a good two way player in the league, however he needs to add some weight if he doesn't want to be pushed around.

5. Jerian Grant 6'5, 198lbs, PG, Notre Dame

DX profile here (ranked #15)

Jerian Grant has great size for a point guard and is a good athlete as well, he has a very quick first step and uses his speed to get out in transition. He is an excellent passer (6.6 apg) who works well in the pick and roll with his ability to change speeds. He is an unselfish player who looks for the open man. He has the ability to create his own shot and hit the deep ball although he needs to improve his consistency, he only shot 31.7% from three his senior season at Norte Dame. His explosiveness vertically is also underrated. I however don't think he has a problem in that category, just check out the gif below.

Jerian Grant Dunk

These are the top prospects around the #13 pick from each position for the Suns' style of play. Notable players left off the list include Tyus Jones, Kelly Oubre, Frank Kaminsky and Trey Lyles.

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