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BS of the Sun Podcast 5/27/15: Paul Coro, draft, front office, playoffs

Paul Coro returns to the show to discuss draft prospects and needs, the contract status of Lon Babby and Jeff Hornacek, some recent Suns history and missteps, what ifs, the playoffs and more.

Keep us together for two more years.
Keep us together for two more years.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With Ruler of the Free World Dave King (he makes me call him that now) and Paul Coro from the Arizona Republic on the show I am once again surrounded by giants.

If you don't listen you'll only hurt yourself.

We talk NBA playoffs - including what the Suns can learn from how the Conference Finalists constructed their squads.

Also, isn't it cute that so many ex and almost Suns (at all organizational levels) are in the Finals...

Paul talks draft prospects including Devin Booker, Montrezl Harrell and Cameron Payne... Yay, more point guards! One thing to address might be a little bit of outside shooting...

We all banter about what the Suns front office options might be and which are best. Does two more years top the list? It seems like once the Suns get everybody on the same page they can't keep it that way...

Paul recounts how Stephen Curry was almost a Sun... or maybe not.

Have the Suns met the saturation level where it's time to think about moving out of the first round of the draft? Seems like a strategy that has worked in the past.

Plus, find out whether Coro thinks the Morris brothers are headed to prison!

That's right, it's been broughten.

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