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Bright Side of the Sun Community Draft Board: Pick 2

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Karl-Anthony Towns is #1 on the Bright Side of the Sun Community Draft Board with 68% of the votes.

Towns was an easy pick because he's the best prospect in the draft and he's a good fit. Towns could easily play alongside Len and the two of them could potentially provide some excellent spacing if both have their midrange jumpers good to go. The chance of him developing three-point range is also there. Defensively is where Towns could really help out the Suns with shot blocking and rebounding.

This is where things will start to get interesting. In terms of ranking the prospects I'm pretty sure most of us can agree on Jahlil Okafor at 2. However, the Suns could really use a true point guard and there are two of them ranked right after that in pick-and-roll extraordinaire Emmanuel Mudiay and the sharpshooting playmaker D'Angelo Russell.

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