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BSOTS Mock Draft 2015 Sign Ups

Back and better than ever!!!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, we will be hosting a BSOTS Mock Draft. In this edition of the Mock Draft, we have implemented some new rules to streamline the process of the mock draft as well as to make it less of a burden on the moderators. Please read the rules before agreeing to participate in this year's mock draft.

  1. Everyone can pick one team only. First come first serve. If the teams fill quickly, we encourage people to consider collaboration (to propose this, simply reply below the person who claimed the team in which you are interested).
  2. This year, teams are limited to a single trade, which cannot include more than 3 teams (sorry, it got terribly hectic last year).
  3. All proposed trades must work in the RealGM Trade Checker - found here. Until I can figure out what the hell is the matter with the RealGM Trade Checker, use the ESPN NBA Trade Machine. Thanks.
  4. All trades are subject to moderator approval, and must be proposed for approval in an email sent to the following address: . If you haven't received a response yet, your trade has not yet happened. Both faux GMs must indicate in this thread that they are proposing a trade.
  5. All trades must be completed 3 hours prior to the draft. (NOTE: Conditional trades based upon player availability can be proposed ahead of time - both parties simply need to agree. At the time of the draft, if the player the trade was conditioned on is available, you will simply state that you are exercising the agreed upon conditional trade).
  6. To compensate, this year we are going to do a full, 2 round mock draft.
  7. Faux GMs must be present at the time of the draft. Its really, really a pain to use big boards, so you need to be here or designate a representative.
  8. Faux GMs will have 3 minutes from the previous pick to make their pick. After this point, the moderators will make a pick for your team according to the DX-100/our personal fancy.
The Mock Draft is Scheduled for Saturday, June 13th at 3 pm PST.

If you have questions, feel free to email the address above, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

The following teams are up for grabs:
Minnesota Timberwolves (1, 31, 36) - SunsFanYolo
LA Lakers (2, 27, 34) - MarClutch Morris
Philadelphia 76ers (3, 35, 37, 47, 58, 60) - CarsonOC12
NY Knicks (4) - omnicious
Orlando Magic (5, 51) - Sreekar Sreekarovic
Sacramento Kings (6) - holeman1
Denver Nuggets (7, 57) - Kellan Olson
Detroit Pistons (8, 38) - Javier Pastore
Charlotte Hornets (9, 39) - bwgood77
Miami Heat (10, 40) -- Geoff
Indiana Pacers (11, 43) - jack's complete lack of surprise
Utah Jazz (12, 42, 54) - Millay
Phoenix Suns (13, 44) - Jack Davis
OKC Thunder (14, 48) - troglodytes
Atlanta Hawks (15, 50, 59) - Suns Fan for Life
Boston Celtics (16, 28, 33, 45) - Haan
Milwaukee Bucks (17, 46) - Brawadis
Houston Rockets (18, 32) - sunstroke
Washington Wizards (19, 49) - sahsrahla
Toronto Raptors (20) - ill_daniel
Dallas Mavericks (21, 52) - arvin123
Chicago Bulls (22) - jack.kremer22
Cleveland Cavaliers (24, 53) - rdotnia
Golden State Warriors (30) - Seanuz
New Orleans Pelicans (56) - Scott Howard
Brooklyn Nets (29, 41) (Lugubrious Tenebris)
LA Clippers (No current picks) - Jacob Padilla

To claim a team, simply post a reply to this story with the team you are interested in, as well as an email address at which you can be contacted by other faux GMs. If you want to conduct all of your business in the thread, just let it be known.

Happy hunting, GMs.

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