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Lon Babby accepts new role as Senior Advisor with Phoenix Suns

After five years of serving as the Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby will transition to a reduced role, but will remain active in many of his previous job duties.

Riding off into the sunset
Riding off into the sunset

With a June 30th deadline on his current contract looming it was just a matter of time before Babby's future with the team was decided.

Today that decision was announced.

It appears that Lon will still be involved with the same duties he performed as President of Basketball Operations, just to a lesser extent. Babby will officially assume the title of Senior Advisor on August 1, 2015.

General Manager Ryan McDonough will take on many of Babby's former responsibilities.

Here was Lon Babby's statement from the team's official press release.

"I am grateful that Robert Sarver has accommodated my wish to reduce my workload, while remaining a vital part of the Suns organization. At this stage of my career, I welcome the flexibility that comes with this new role, a flexibility that will enable me to do other things that are important to me both personally and in the community. I feel particularly confident in making this transition because of the quality of leadership in place within the organization."

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