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Phoenix Suns Predraft Workout #12: Holmes, Frazier, White visit

The Phoenix Suns have now brought in 72 prospects to work out in their facilities and the 2015 NBA Draft is still more than 2 weeks away.

This speaks to the thoroughness and attention to detail that the front office applies to the draft process. Hopefully, that results in better picks for the franchise even when picking in the second round.

Today's visitors were generally second round picks, or summer free agent pickups for Vegas Summer League.

  • Ousmane Drame, 22 yrs old, 6'9", 225, PF, unranked by DX
  • Michael Frazier II, 21 yrs old, 6'4", 195, G, ranked #51 on DX Top 100
  • Phil Greene IV, 22 yrs old, 6'2", 187, G, unranked on DX Top 100
  • Jonathan Holmes, 22 yrs old, 6'8", 240, F, ranked #35 on DX Top 100
  • Cady Lalanne, 23 yrs old, 6'10", 253, F, ranked #65 on DX Top 100
  • Aaron White, 22 yrs old, 6'9", 228, F, ranked #52 on DX Top 100

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