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2015 Phoenix Suns Draft Profile: R.J. Hunter Knows What It's Like to be Clutch

R.J. Hunter has a scorers mentality, yet he displays good passing instincts. He shines his brightest on the big stage and performs well under pressure.

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R.J. Hunter
R.J. Hunter
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

R.J. Hunter

School: Georgia State University

Date of Birth: 10/24/1993 (21 years old)

Draft Range: SB Nation - 26, Draft Express - 24, Paul Coro, AZ Central - 25, - 30, - 25


R.J. Hunter Stats

Stats from


Height: 6'4.5" without shoes, 6'6" with shoes

Weight: 190 pounds

Wingspan: 6'10.5"

Standing Reach: 8'8"

Combine Numbers

No Step Vertical Leap: 27.5"

Maximum Vertical Leap: 33.5"

Body Fat: 6%


Offensively R.J. Hunter is mostly known for being a shooter. His stats from the field don't show him as a very efficient shooter, this was mostly due to him being the offensive focus for Georgia State and getting most of the defenses attention. His free throw shooting, 89%, bodes well for how his shot will translate to the NBA. R.J. also has the ability to make ridiculous shot attempts, although he misses plenty of them too. R.J. has the confidence to shoot any type of shot and has the ability not only to spot up but shoot off screens and off the dribble. R.J. sometimes struggles getting past his man to create his own shot. The shot he is most known for is his game winner against Baylor in the round of 64 in the 2015 NCAA tournament. He stepped up when the game mattered the most showing the world he has ice running though his veins.

Georgia State didn't have a pure point guard last year, which forced R.J. to handle the ball a lot more than he did previously. Although he made mistakes at time, he showed his impressive court vision and ability to pass the ball effectively. He isn't a strong ball handler, which limits his ability as a combo guard. He isn't the most explosive athlete but can surprise you at times with underrated athleticism. Overall, Hunter has the ability to become a versatile offensive player and deadly shooter at the NBA level.


On the defensive end R.J. Hunter has the tools to become a good defender at the NBA level. He has a long wingspan and has solid lateral quickness. He has good instincts off the ball to anticipate steals (2.1 per game) and blocks (1.0 per game). However, Georgia State played mainly a zone defense, allowing him to play the passing lanes more. It will be interesting to see how he transitions to a man defense in the NBA. He only weighs 190 pounds, which means he could get bullied by bigger wing players. Hunter is an average defensive rebounder, not great but not bad.

Fit With the Suns

Overall, R.J. Hunter isn't the best fit for the current Suns roster. Don't expect to hear R.J. Hunter's name called while the Suns are drafting at 13. Hunter isn't projected to be a lottery pick so if the Suns do draft him they would most likely trade down to acquire him. Even if the Suns do trade down they most likely will not draft Hunter because they already have multiple prospects at the shooting guard position, Archie Goodwin, Reggie Bullock, and Bogdan Bogdanović who is currently playing overseas. The Suns would most likely have to trade one of these players if they wanted to draft Hunter. If the Suns do end of drafting Hunter, his three-point shooting and passing instincts will be welcomed, as will his ability to hit clutch shots if his name is called upon.

During his pre-draft workout interview with the Suns R.J. Hunter talked about his shooting, becoming a playmaker, and what it's like hitting a game winner in the NCAA tournament:

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