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Bright Side of the Sun Community Draft Board: Pick 3

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With 59% of the vote Jahlil Okafor is #2 on the Bright Side of the Sun Community Draft Board.

This should be no surprise. There is little doubt about Okafor being the second best prospect in the draft. He has some of the best footwork we have ever seen from a post product at this position and can score in virtually any way from the block, but his other skill get totally overlooked. He has a fantastic handle for a center, he can shoot the midrange jumper, he's a great passer and he sees the floor like a point guard should. His defense and rebounding got overexposed because he was the #1 prospect to start the season, but they are still faults. Regardless, he's still clearly the #2 prospect.

Where Okafor fits on the Suns roster however is where I'm assuming hesitation grew amongst the masses. It's a very simple conclusion that he would not be able to play with Alex Len. The value of Okafor is just too much to pass up though and I'm sure McDonough would find a way to shuffle the roster.

We are now at pick #3 and in point guard territory. D'Angelo Russell came close to Okafor with 31% of the votes. He has to be the favorite for #3, but I think this will get very interesting when we get to #4. More on that tomorrow...

In case you don't understand how you are supposed to be voting and/or you are voting for Frank Kaminsky at this point, here's the quote from the first post.

How you decide to vote is up to you. You can vote for who you think is the best prospect or who you think is the best fit for the Suns regardless of if they are the best available prospect or not. It is worth noting that the best player asset available strategy seems to be what McDonough likes to go with. However, the choice is all yours.

Vote and comment away.

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