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Bright Side of the Sun Community Draft Board: Pick 4

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

D'Angelo Russell dominated the voting for the #3 position on the Bright Side of the Sun Community Draft Board with 64% of the votes. No other prospect was able to reach double digits in percentage.

The fit for Russell on the Suns makes the toss-up between him and Emmanuel Mudiay an easy choice. While Russell is a point guard, he has combo guard skills that would help him really succeed in Phoenix. Russell is a great shooter and passer who would excel in transition.

Pick #4 is where this exercise will get interesting. Mudiay is the best prospect available, but there's still a couple great prospects left on the board and they can all fit a need. In my opinion Kristaps Porzingis would have won the vote for #2 on this board had he played in the US last year. Porzingis is a mobile stretch four who has two-way potential and the athleticism to run in transition.

There's also Justise Winslow who has superstar two-way potential while Mario Hezonja looks like he has all the tools to be an offensive powerhouse. We still can't overlook Mudiay's fantastic play in the pick-and-roll with terrific court vision.

It's all up to you. Vote below.

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