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BSOTS Mock Draft 2015: Live at 3 pm PT/Arizona Time

The mock draft is here! Live at 3 pm.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The mock draft is here! Here are a few quick reminders.

- All trades must be submitted by no later than 12:30 PST for verification to this email address

+ NOTE: All trades must work in the NBA Trade Machine, and follow all CBA rules. The staff will determine if this is the case

- All GMs must be present at the time of the draft, and make there picks within 3 minutes of the previous pick being made. We will start promptly at 3 pm, so be on time!

+ NOTE: If you aren't, we will be for you based on our own whims.

- If you haven't confirmed a trade with me, personally, it HASN'T HAPPENED.

- Here are the trades that have happened and been confirmed:

1) Nuggets receive: Gerald Wallace, #16, #33 and #45; Boston receives Danilo Gallinari, #57

2) Utah receives: #5 + Channing Frye

Orlando receives: #8 + #42 + worst of LA 2017 1st (owned by ORL) and GS 2017 1st (owned by DET) + Derrick Favors + Jodie Meeks

Detroit receives: Aaron Gordon + Evan Fournier + Rodney Hood + best of LA 2017 1st (owned by ORL) and GS 2017 1st (owned by DET)

3) Atlanta receives: #10, #40, Josh McRoberts; Miami receives #15, #50, #59, Mike Muscala, Walter Tavares (draft Rights)

If your trade isn't here, that means it hasn't officially been recorded. If that is the case, please submit it to the email address above to receive further instructions.

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