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NBA Finals Thread, Game 6: Will Golden State close it out? Or will LeBron even the series?

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If it feels like one man vs. an army, it is.

LeBron James scored or assisted on something like 827% of all points for the Cavaliers this series, and he will have to do even better tonight if he's going to even the series against the Golden State Warriors team.

LeBron has won 5 of his last 6 elimination games, but that was Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh helping him out. Tonight, he has... an Aussie lucky to be in the league and a handful of I'll-shoot-but-who-knows-if-it-will-go-in guys.

Can LeBron even the score?

Tune in!


When: 6:00pm AZ time

Who: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors

Where: In Cleveland