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BSotS 2015 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Movement Across the Board

The NBA Finals are over. It's time for another BSotS mock draft.

D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

#1 - Minnesota Timberwolves: Karl Anthony Towns, PF/C

Karl Anthony Towns seems to be everybody's consensus number one pick. He is here too.

#2 - Los Angeles Lakers: D'Angelo Russell, PG

"You don't take a big just because it's a big." - Mitch Kupchak Lakers GM. The Lakers have a lot of roster holes and it is hard to tell what position they are looking to draft. They decide to go with Russell as their point guard of the future and potential face of the franchise once Kobe retires.

#3 - Philadelphia 76ers: Kristaps Porzingis, PF/C

Porzingis has been rocketing up draft boards recently and impressing teams during his workouts. Philadelphia's front court is a little crowded after this pick but Joel Embiid suffered a setback during his recovery process, so his future is questionable right now.

#4 - New York Knicks: Jahil Okafor, C

In a wild turn of events Okafor falls right into the Knicks laps. They'd have to be on crazy pills to let Okafor slip past 4.

#5 - Orlando Magic: Justise Winslow, SF

A possible defensive lineup of Elfrid Peyton, Victor Oladipo, Justise Winslow, Aaron Gordon, and Nikola Vucevic is just flat out scary. Also they already have their point guard of the future Peyton so they pass on Mudiay.

#6 - Sacramento Kings: Emmanuel Mudiay, PG

The Kings are ecstatic that Mudiay fell this far and can't wait for the one-two punch of Mudiay and Cousins. Mudiay is the point guard the Kings have been dreaming about.

#7 - Denver Nuggets: Mario Hezonja, SG

The Denver Nuggets need some scoring power and Mario is arguably the best prospect on the board.

#8 - Detroit Pistons: Stanley Johnson, SF

The Pistons already have Drummond at C and they just traded for Ersan Ilyasova at PF, so they pass on Cauley-Stein and pick the best small forward available Stanley Johnson.

#9 - Charlotte Hornets: Devin Booker, SG

This one is simple. The Hornets need a great shooter. They just traded away their shooting guard, Lance Stephenson and need to fill the hole. Devin Booker is the shooter they need and to top it off he's only 18 years old.

#10 - Miami Heat: Myles Turner, C/PF

Whiteside went on an absolute tear last season defensively at the center position so Miami skips Cauley-Stein and picks Myles Turner who they believe can play the power forward position and learn from Chris Bosh.

#11 - Indiana Pacers: Willie Cauley-Stein, C

Nobody expected Cauley-Stein to drop this far, but he did. The Pacers seem to be moving farther and farther away from Roy Hibbert and Cauley-Stein is happy to take his place on a team projected to be back in the playoffs next year.

#12 - Utah Jazz: Frank Kaminsky, PF

The Jazz have a good front court already but they could use a big that can stretch the floor. Not only is Kaminsky a good fit but he is possibly the best talent available.

#13 - Phoenix Suns: Bobby Portis, PF

The Suns decided to draft a power forward who will battle for rebounds and hustle everywhere on the court. It may take a couple years but Portis could develop a three point shot. It also helps that the tea leaves are spelling Portis.

#14 - Oklahoma City Thunder: Cameron Payne, PG

Theres a rumor going around that the Thunder have promised Payne they would draft him if he is still available. Even if the rumor isn't true, the thunder are in need of a back-up point guard after trading away Reggie Jackson last season so they draft Payne promise or no promise.

#15 - Atlanta Hawks: Kelly Oubre, SG/SF

The Hawks have solid players at every position so they draft a raw prospect in Oubre. They will use the next few seasons to mold him into the potential impact player he can become. Oubre is simply too good of a prospect to pass up with the 15th pick.

#16 - Boston Celtics: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, SF/SG

Boston turns their attention to defense, after drafting defensive guard Marcus Smart last year they draft Arizona's defensive star Rondae with the 16th pick. If Rondae can develop a consistent jump shot this could be considered the steal of the draft a few years down the road.

#17 - Milwaukee Bucks: Trey Lyles, PF

After trading away PF Ersan Ilyasova the Bucks solidified Jabari Parkers roll as full time starter at the power forward position, once he is healthy. However, that still leaves a hole at the backup power forward spot. Insert Trey Lyles, he fills a need for the Bucks, is the best player available, and has the potential to be a good player in the league.

#18 - Houston Rockets: Jerian Grant, PG

Houston caught the injury bug last season when starting point guard Patrick Beverly was ruled out for the playoffs. They found themselves without a point guard to help shoulder the ball handling. They won't let that happen again this year as they draft PG Jerian Grant. It was a tight decision between Grant and Tyus Jones, but Houston leaned toward Jerian's better physical tools and scoring ability.

#19 - Washington Wizards: Kevon Looney, PF

Washington buys into Kevon Looney's upside as a stretch four and defensive potential and decides to draft him. Until he develops a consistent shot they look forward to his excellent rebounding.

#20 - Toronto Raptors: Sam Dekker, SF

The Toronto Raptors refuse to let Sam Dekker drop any further taking him with the 20th pick. They look forward to his versatility on both sides of the ball.

#21 - Dallas Mavericks: Tyus Jones, PG

It's safe to say Rondo is not going to be playing for the Mavericks next season leaving them without a starting point guard. The Mavericks pick the best point guard available, selecting the poised PG from Duke Tyus Jones.

#22 - Chicago Bulls: Rashad Vaughn, SG

Chicago would have loved to get a back up point guard at this position but instead go with the best available talent Rashad Vaughn. It will probably be a few years before Vaughn sees consistent minutes on an NBA roster unless he uses his scoring ability and pure determination to force himself into the rotation.

#23 - Portland Trailblazers: Montrezl Harrell, PF

The Trailblazers have one PF currently on their roster, LaMarcus Aldridge, and he could be gone after free agency. The Trailblazers go with the best available power forward Montrezl Harrell. His relentless motor is sure to earn him minutes.

#24 - Cleveland Cavaliers: Justin Anderson, SF

Cleveland just lost the NBA finals where we saw LeBron play almost every minute of every game without a solid SF to back him up. The Cavs draft Justin Anderson, a guy who can be a perfect role player on an already great team. He has an NBA ready body and is an improved three point shooter who has defensive potential.

#25 - Memphis Grizzles: R.J. Hunter, SG

Memphis does not score well from the perimeter. R.J. Hunter could greatly improve their outside scoring. The fit and talent is too good to pass up.

#26 - San Antonio Spurs: Christian Wood, PF

Whoever the Spurs pick will probably end up being good at some point. Christian Wood has the upside to be a great player and the Spurs will take their time to develop him as he faces off against Tim Duncan everyday in practice.

#27 - Los Angeles Lakers: Robert Upshaw, C

The Lakers already drafted their point guard of the future earlier in D'Angelo Russell so they decided to address another area of need and draft Robert Upshaw at the center position. Upshaw is huge and has a lot of potential to be a great player if he gets his head on straight and focuses.

#28 - Boston Celtics: Jordan Mickey, PF/C

Name a great shot blocker on the Celtics. You couldn't? That's because there isn't one. Jordan Mickey is a bit undersized at 6'8" but he has a long wingspan and is a tremendous shot blocker, 3.6 bpg last season for LSU. Boston continued their defensive trend and now has a potential future lineup of Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Jordan Mickey, and... Kelly Olynyk.

#29 - Brooklyn Nets: Delon Wright, PG

Brooklyn's only position with a good rotation is the center position. Therefore, they draft the best player available Delon Wright. Delon will help booster the point guard position, which is currently being held by the declining Deron Williams and Jarret Jack.

#30 - Golden State Warriors: Anthony Brown, SF

Golden State just won their first NBA championship in 40 years and it is hard to find any weaknesses in their roster. The front offense sits in the draft room for a while thinking of who to pick before saying screw it lets draft another player who can shoot threes. I would have the Warriors drafting possible draft and stash prospect George De Paula, the point guard from Brazil, but he withdrew his name from the draft along with 33 other players.

# Team Player College/Country Ht Wt Pos
1 Minnesota Karl Anthony Towns Kentucky 7'0 248 PF/C
2 LA Lakers D'Angelo Russell Ohio State 6'5 175 PG
3 Philadelphia Kristaps Porzingis Latvia 7'0 220 PF/C
4 New York Jahlil Okafor Duke 6'11 272 C
5 Orlando Justise Winslow Duke 6'7 229 SF
6 Sacramento Emmanuel Mudiay China 6'5 200 PG
7 Denver Mario Hezonja Croatia 6'8 200 SG
8 Detroit Stanley Johnson Arizona 6'8 243 SF
9 Charlotte Devin Booker Kentucky 6'5 186 SG
10 Miami Myles Turner Texas 6'11 242 C
11 Indiana Willie Cauley-Stein Kentucky 7'0 244 C
12 Utah Frank Kaminsky Wisconsin 7'0 242 PF
13 Phoenix Bobby Portis Arkansas 6'10 235 PF
14 Okalahoma City Cameron Payne Murray St 6'2 180 PG
15 Atlanta Kelly Oubre Kansas 6'6 204 SG/SF
16 Boston Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Arizona 6'7 212 SG/SF
17 Milwaukee Trey Lyles Kentucky 6'10 250 PF
18 Houston Jerian Grant Notre Dame 6'5 204 PG
19 Washington Kevon Looney UCLA 6'9 220 PF
20 Toronto Sam Dekker Wisconsin 6'9 229 SF
21 Dallas Tyus Jones Duke 6'1 184 PG
22 Chicago Rashad Vaughn UNLV 6'5 199 SG
23 Portland Montrezl Harrell Louisville 6'8 230 PF
24 Cleveland Justin Anderson Virginia 6'6 222 SF
25 Memphis R.J. Hunter Georgia St 6'5 180 SG
26 San Antonio Christian Wood UNLV 6'11 220 PF
27 LA Lakers Robert Upshaw Washington 7'0 264 C
28 Boston Jordan Mickey LSU 6'8 238 PF/C
29 Brooklyn Delon Wright Utah 6'5 179 PG
30 Golden State Anthony Brown Stanford 6'7 211 SF

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