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Phoenix Suns host PF Myles Turner for unannounced workout before NBA Draft

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As of last Thursday, the Phoenix Suns had run out of their scheduled workouts, hosting 80 players in a matter of 17 days. In the process, they saw nearly all the prospects who were projected to be drafted near their #13 overall slot.

Each participated in a group workout session of six players, generally consisting of two point ball handlers, two wings and two big men playing three-on-three in a competitive setting.

Myles Turner, projected to got anywhere from 8 - 16 in various mocks, was one of the few who had not yet visited Phoenix.

Until today.


I've been crazy busy, so I originally gave Paul the credit for the scoop because I didn't put in enough research, but then I noticed it was Myles Turner himself who announced the visit to the world.


But even way before that, Michael Scotto had it


Read the Bright Side preview of Turner here, done by Mike Lisboa on June 1.

Elite rim protector. Solid defensive rebounder. Phenomenal shooting touch. In the "Pros" column, Myles Turner sounds like everything Phoenix Suns' fans wished Channing Frye could have been. In the "Cons" column, he ends up sounding a lot more like the Frye we all knew and loved/hated. Inconsistent. Poor defensive mobility. However, at 19 years old, he's got a ton of upside and many experts have him gone before the Suns get a shot at him. And this is despite being overshadowed by 3 other centers in this year's draft class (Karl Towns, Jahlil Okafor, and Willlie Cauley-Stein).

According to some, this was an individual workout for the 18 year old (nearly 19) who played a year at Texas and provides the widest array of power forward skills in the draft after the top two picks, Towns and Okafor, go off the board.

That's a first this off season, as far as we know. Before now, all the prospects participated in group workouts. But that doesn't mean Turner is the only guy visiting this week. It just means he's the first to let the cat out of the bag.

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