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Phoenix Suns draftee Bogdan Bogdanovic is in town... let the speculation begin!

If he's not coming to the NBA for two more years, why would he be in Phoenix a week before the draft to see the Suns?

Bogdan Bogdanovic was drafted by the Phoenix Suns with the 27th pick a year ago. He wanted to come to the NBA that year, but wasn't ready yet and agreed to get seasoning overseas with one of the best teams in Europe until he was ready. Now, he's developed so quickly that he can make big money overseas until he's free of the rookie-scale contract terms of the NBA.

But here he is, Suns fans. In the Valley. Taking in a D-Backs game. With potentially his future head coach Jeff Hornacek and the Suns Assistant GM Pat Connolly.


Bogdanovic is coming off a great Euro run with his team, and has won the last two Rising Star awards for all of Euroleague. He's just 22 years old and profiles as a high-level shooting guard with ball handling skills and long-range shooting prowess.

Why wouldn't the Suns want him in Phoenix?

Of course the Suns want him here. He could fit perfectly, especially after all the trades.

But why would he sign with the Suns right now?

He has a huge buyout which would likely cost more than his first-year salary in Phoenix. And that potential salary in Phoenix is the main problem.

His rookie-level salary is slotted at barely above $1 million a year for his first two years, and hardly more than $5 million over four years.

If he'd just wait two more years (three years after being drafted), while making good money overseas, he could join the NBA in 2017 at a market-rate contract which by that time could approach five figures as the NBA begins rolling in money. Nikola Mirotic did that with Chicago last year and made $5 million per year as a 24-year old rookie rather than $1 million a year if he'd signed right away.

So why do it? Why would Bogdan throw all that money away?

He wouldn't.

This visit is probably just a visit to say hi, get a physical, and talk about his future in 2017.

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