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Phoenix Suns Need McDonough to be Right About What's Hard to be Right About

Looking into the unknown of what is the Suns 2015 NBA Draft

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Trying to decipher what teams are going to do in the NBA Draft is an impossible proposition.

Trying to decipher what the Phoenix Suns are going to do in the upcoming 2015 NBA Draft is multiple levels above whatever you consider an impossible proposition.

Here's the reality of what sits in front of general manager Ryan McDonough as he goes over the possibilities for the 13th pick - there isn't a need the Suns don't have.

Phoenix could use a backup point guard even if they re-sign Brandon Knight and don't trade Eric Bledsoe.

Phoenix is in demand for more shooting from all wing positions and must improve their rebounding at the four and five spots. Not to mention some long-range shooting to help replace what they lost in Channing Frye this past offseason.

Alex Len is still only 22 and has legitimate upside, but health issues have limited him to 113 games over his first two seasons. Insurance at center wouldn't be an overreaction either.

Then there's this - 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 25, 25, and 30 are the ages of the Suns current rotation players. Do they even want to add another kid to the mix?

These are the factors McDonough is thinking over. To this point he's lived steadfastly to drafting the player he thinks has the highest upside and there's nothing he's said throughout this process to hint that philosophy is changing.

At 13 the players I would guess are in the mix for the Suns (and this is purely a guess I have absolutely zero inside knowledge of what they're thinking about doing) Myles Turner (long shot), Devin Booker, Bobby Portis, Frank Kaminsky, Kelly Oubre, Trey Lyles and Kevon Looney.

I didn't put any point guards in the mix because it would seem the value of Jerian Grant, Cameron Payne and Tyus Jones is a little later than 13.

Every single one of those players listed above fits what the Suns could use besides Lyles, whose game replicates Markieff Morris to an extent.

Turner and Portis are versatile big men with the potential to space the floor with their jumpers. They have an impact defensively at the rim and do work on the boards.

Kaminsky doesn't have the defensive value of the other two bigs, but is more polished offensively. If he can get away with playing the five he opens up the court again for the dribble-drive game that was so successful in 2013-2014.

Booker brings the type of shot from the guard position Phoenix hasn't had in a long time.

Oubre has the highest ceiling and lowest floor of the bunch outside of Turner.

Looney is also a work in progress offensively, but his length, smarts and rebounding ability all showed during his freshman season at UCLA.

You can make a legitimate argument for the Suns to draft all of these players.  As there are in any draft the options are going to be plentiful when the five minutes hit the clock for Phoenix on Thursday night.

McDonough's job is to try and master an inexact science that is completely unpredictable. He's gathered all the information he could through scouting in person, watching film, analyzing stats, conducting interviews and watching workouts.

The future of the Suns and every other team in the NBA rests on being correct about the unknown.

We're going to argue, we're going to debate and we're going to say this is right or this was wrong when we hear a name called at 13, and there's nothing wrong with this because that's what makes sports fun.

But let's be real here - none of us, including the people who are getting paid millions of dollars to do their job have any freaking clue what next Thursday night really means.

Suns fans just have to hope McDonough's formula ends up working out in the end whether they believe in what he decides to do or not.

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