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BS of the Sun Podcast 6/23/15: The Pre-Draft Spectacular!

The NBA Draft and start of free agency is sort of like a second Christmas in June. What will Suns fans find in their stockings?

Who's next?
Who's next?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If less is more you're in for a treat as the podcast makes its triumphant return after a brief respite.

Dave King (who was late, more on this to follow) and Sean Sullivan join the show for a basketball hat trick of pre-draft delirium.

Topics include:

- Trade rumors (Knicks #4 pick and DeMarcus Cousins)

- The SB Nation mock draft

- Free agency targets at each position

- Who the Suns will pick at #13

- Who the Suns should pick at #13

- Who scares the hell out of us at #13

- Why do the Suns always have to pick #13?

- Is Shawn Marion a hall of famer?

Plus LaMarcus Aldridge, Al McCoy, Albuquerque, Russell Wilson and more!

And in a bizarre twist... it turns out that Dave, who was late, has it in for Eric Bledsoe!

Did I mention Dave was late?

This podcast can be downloaded directly from Blog Talk Radio.

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