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Report: Kevin Love Opts Out, Suns to be "Aggressive"

Kevin Love has opted out of the final year of his contract, making him a free agent on July 1st. According to one source, the Suns have already promised to be aggressive after the star power forward.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Star forward Kevin Love is reportedly opting out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, making him a free agent this summer.

The final year of Love's contract was worth $16.7 million, but opting out gives him  a chance to earn even more. If he chooses to re-sign with Cleveland, he could be looking at a 5-year deal worth $108.3 million, or $21.66 million per year. The Cavs are capable of offering both more security and more annual money than anyone else, but other teams could still offer Love a 4-year contract worth $80.4 million ($20.1 million annually).

According to Adrian Wojnarowsi of Yahoo Sports, the Suns have already pledged to be aggressive in the pursuit of Love once he becomes a free agent.

Because the Cavaliers offer both more money and a better team, the Suns must be creative with their proposal. Their best hope is that Love longs for an opportunity to be more involved in a team's offense. Perhaps he wants to be an organization's centerpiece, but with a better supporting cast than what was placed around him in Minnesota.

The Suns' chances are admittedly slim, but it appears as though McDonough will try anyway. If the front office is determined to offer $20 million a year to one player this summer, they also may choose to create a little more cap flexibility by exploring the possibility of a trade on draft night. Though that is just speculation at this point and not a confirmed rumor, it is a possibility to consider.

The last few days have been centered around Cousins trade talks, but it wasn't too long ago that Love was the man of Suns fans' dreams. Here comes another opportunity to swing for the fences. It's been a long time since the Suns have hit a home run on a star free agent.

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