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Phoenix Suns Draft Another Twin, Andrew Harrison, but Trade Him Away

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Suns receive Jon Leuer Memphis Grizzles receive Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

At first it seemed the Suns added a fifth Kentucky guard and another twin to the roster with Andrew Harrison but they ended up trading Harrison to the Memphis Grizzlies for Jon Leuer.

Jon Leuer

Postion: PF

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 228 pounds

Born: May 14, 1989 (Age: 26)

Drafted: 2011: 2nd Rnd, 40th by MIL

College: Wisconsin

NBA Experience: 4 years


jon leuer stats

Stats provided by ESPN

Jon Leur had his career high in points against the Suns on December 3, 2013 with 23 points.