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Jon Leuer, the Phoenix Suns new "stretch four"

Watch Jon Leuer's career-high game against the Phoenix Suns a season ago.

Since the Memphis Grizzlies beat out the Phoenix Suns by one game for a playoff berth four months after Leuer dropped 23/9/3 in an unexpected Grizzlies win over the surging Suns, Jon Leuer was basically the difference between making and missing the playoffs. He was GOD for a game. And that's all the Grizz really needed.


Let's get this out of the way: If Jon Leuer has the impact of Shavlik Randolph on this team, he will have exceeded expectations.

No more. No less. Leuer is not going to save the world.

But a Leuer/Randolph type guy coming off the bench is always a good to have. Sure, they don't have the same exact skills, so don't run down the rabbit hole of "no he's the not the SAME as Shav, Dave!". Save us all the trouble.

I'm talking about the team-level effect of a journeyman being on the bench who can spell the bigs in a pinch and occasionally have a surprisingly effective game.

Don't stress over Jon Leuer being on the Suns bench next season (if he makes it that far). Worry more about the regular rotation. On a 14-man or 15-man team, you've got to have a journeyman big guy. It's like, in the rule books.


Who remembers Jon Leuer's killer game against the Suns in Dec, 2013?

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