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2015 Draft Day Hangover: How do the Phoenix Suns grade out?

A review of the immediate reactions to the Suns' 2015 Draft and the selection of shooting guard Devin Booker.

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NBA Draft is in the books.

Karl-Anthony Towns went first overall to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Knicks made the most un-Knicks decision in modern history when they went with Kristaps Porzingis at no. 4, and the Miami Heat are still the luckiest organization in basketball, spending only one year out of the playoffs before Justise Winslow shockingly tumbled all the way to no. 10.

The Phoenix Suns were also the beneficiary of a slight tumble when Devin Booker and his perfect shooting form fell to no. 13.

The shooting guard from Kentucky had been projected as high as ninth overall in some mocks, and with Willie Cauley-Stein (5th to SAC), Frank Kaminsky (9th to CHA), Myles Turner (11th to IND) and Trey Lyles (12th to UTA) already off the board, there were no enticing big men left to choose from and the selection of Booker was an easy one to understand.

Now begins the time-honored post-draft tradition: the grades.

While the task of predicting the career arcs of a large batch of teenagers is close enough to impossible and it will be years before anyone really has an idea of what exactly just transpired, national and local sports outlets across the internet will attempt to grade how each team's front office fared less than half a day later.

Read on to find out how the Suns are being graded on their selection of Devin Booker.

USA Today (Scott Gleeson): B

Drafting Kentucky's backcourt wasn't a bad strategy. Devin Booker(No. 13) has Klay Thompson potential with his shooting ability. Andrew Harrison (No. 44) improved his decision-making over two years with the Wildcats and at 6-5, has the frame to be a decent backup PG immediately.

Scott apparently didn't get the memo about Andrew Harrison being flipped to Memphis for Jon Leuer, which surely would have boosted his grade to an A+.

SB Nation (Kevin O'Connor): B

Booker will likely receive an opportunity with an exodus of free agents in Phoenix. He's a true sharpshooter, but this is also likely a case of "best player available," since the Suns could use some help in the frontcourt.

I could point out that there wasn't a PF or C taken after Lyles at 12 until Bobby Portis at 22, but really I'd like to hear more about this free agent exodus.

Yahoo! Sports (Marc J. Spears): A

The John Calipari infomercial continued Thursday night when Booker became the fourth Kentucky player selected in the lottery. Booker is an elite shooter with good size for his position. He has a chance to develop into a Klay Thompson-esque wing if his defense and ability to create off the dribble develop.

I'm torn. Booker gets an A, but the notion that my favorite team contributed anything to a 'John Calipari Infomercial' is a trifle nauseating. (Chris Mannix): A-

This is a nice pick for Phoenix. Booker is the best shooting prospect in the draft, a two-guard with great size for his position. He’s 18 years old, so he will need time to develop, but this is a teenager many scouts have consistently said is a legitimate top-10 talent. The Suns need help up front, but really, who was left for them to take? In a couple of years, Booker could be a fixture in Phoenix’s starting lineup. That type of player is tough to pass up.

Well gee, Chris. You're dangerously close to getting our hopes up, and your insight on the dearth of available big men at no. 13 gives the impression that you spent a few moments getting your thoughts together on this.

CBS Sports (Matt Moore): B

Good value here for Booker, and he fills a big need for the Suns. Just having a shooter like that will open up things for the rest of their roster, and they're deep enough to not have to worry about his lack of versatility.

We have depth!


Relax ... Chad Ford approves.

Eric Bledsoe is so considerate of his rookie teammates that he provides them with a backpack upon their arrival. Aw, what a guy.

Marcus Morris notes the wealth of Kentucky grads on the Suns roster.

It wasn't quite a #WojBomb, but Adrian Wojnarowski singled out Booker when mentioning the talent still available. And this was two spots before the Suns picked.

Colin Cowherd also screeched his admiration of Booker.

And Booker himself summed it up best. "Heading to Arizona, man. Really excited. Can't wait to get there."

Oh those shorts. You stop with your bad self, Devin.


Apparently it's A's and B's across the board for the Suns, and I was unable to find a single ill word about the selection of Booker. While their own fans are in a prolonged state of disenchantment and many made the mistake of harboring expectations for some type of earthshaking trade, the Suns made the best of a milquetoast situation at the 13th spot and very possibly just added a future starter to their team.

Onward and upward to free agency, which begins at midnight July 1.

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