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Phoenix Suns Draft Workouts, Day 7: Sam Dekker, the local guys and a holiday connection

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The Phoenix Suns predraft workout #7 is in the books, marking the fifth potential #13 pick to come through in the last few days, Sam Dekker from Wisconsin, out of 42 visitors so far.

Dekker's coming out party was in the NCAA tournament, where he helped Wisconsin to the Finals. A career meh-percentage shooter from three point range made a mind boggling number of shots on the big stage and now he's vaulted himself into lottery conversation.

"If it did help it (his stock), then that's good," he said. "I was just trying to play well and it happened to work out pretty well for myself and for our team. I don't pay too much attention to that (mock drafts). There's more that goes on that nobody knows about. When draft day comes, we'll see what happens."

Sorry the video didn't work out on Dekker. Some blogger failed to hit the 'record' button on the interview apparently, but the Suns were kind enough to share the audio with me later.

Brandon Ashley came out of college thinking he was ready for the big time, but unless he wows in workouts he won't hear his name called in the draft. DX currently has him ranked #82 on their top 100 board. There's only 60 draft slots available.

Here's Ashley talking about his chances, and going up against Sam Dekker.

And part two. This wasn't my best day taking videos.

Before Brandon joked about the tournament, Dekker did as well.

"I know Brandon pretty well," Dekker said with a chuckle. "We were able to knock them off the last two years. It was good to go against him. I made a bad pass over here (in the workout) and he made a comment that they could have used a few of those this year. Hopefully I don't make many more of those passes."

Here's McDonough talking about all the prospects, including Dekker, Ashley and the local guys Daniel Bejarano and last-minute-sub Bo Barnes, who was able to fill in for an injured prospects with 30 minutes notice.

Rakeem Christmas was also there but did not get a post-workout interview. Christmas, 23 years old, is NOT Dionte's brother for those wondering. You remember Dionte, the epitome of the Suns chemistry the last two years. With him, the Suns had the best group in the game. Without him, they were one of the worst. Can his namesake bring the same good vibes with him?

Rakeem was a career underachiever who had a nice senior year followed up by a great wingspan measurement, putting him in the conversation of the late first round or second round picks.

Rakeem is a center, even though he's a bit short, because of his size. He really stood out the Combine in 5-on-5 and was impressive in interviews, reportedly including one with the Suns.

The Prospects

  • Brandon Ashley, F, 6-8, 228, 07/15/1994, Arizona, Junior, #82 on DX Top 100
  • Bo Barnes, G, 6-4, 190, 08/22/1990, Arizona State, Senior, not ranked by DX
  • Daniel Bejarano, G, 6-4, 204, 10/30/1991, Colorado State, Senior, not ranked by DX
  • Rakeem Christmas, F, 6-9, 242 12/01/1991 Syracuse Senior, #34 on DX Top 100, no relation to Dionte Christmas, former Suns bench leader and locker room chemistry major but has a really cool last name so let's pretend he is, has a 7'5" wingspan as a combo forward second round prospect
  • Sam Dekker, F, 6-9, 218, 05/08/1994, Wisconsin, Junior, #16 on DX Top 100
  • Juwan Staten, G, 6-1, 190, 05/21/1992, West Virginia, Senior, not ranked in DX Top 100

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