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Bright Side of the Sun Community Draft Board: Pick 1

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With the NBA draft less than three weeks away (!) it's time for everyone on the internet to come to a consensus on the top players in the Draft. That shouldn't be too hard right? Jokes aside, let's create a big board for Bright Side of the Sun on draft night.

How this works is pretty simple. Every day until June 25 a new post will go up at 5am AZ time. In that post there will be a poll attached at the bottom for you to vote on who you want at that spot.

Who's #1?

#1 is up today and you will find the top prospects listed below. The poll will close at midnight of that day and we will keep going until we have a top 15 for BSOTS. This should reflect how you think the Suns board should look.

How you decide to vote is up to you. You can vote for who you think is the best prospect or who you think is the best fit for the Suns regardless of if they are the best available prospect or not. It is worth noting that the best player asset available strategy seems to be what McDonough likes to go with. However, the choice is all yours.

Here are your choices. Make your case down below in the comments on who you think should go where. I'm sure we will all agree!

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