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Phoenix Suns Summer League practice video, first game comes Saturday

We got a chance to watch a bit of the Summer Suns practice. At least the cool-down period.

The Summer Suns, led by T.J. Warren, Alex Len, Archie Goodwin, Alec Brown and Archie Goodwin, as well as rookie Devin Booker, head to Vegas on Friday with their first game on Saturday at 6pm.

Here's what ESPN had to say about three of those guys heading into the weekend:

Devin Booker: After the trade deadline last season, the Suns shot just 29.8 percent from behind the arc, which was the worst number in the league. Enter Booker, a polished spot-up shooter from Kentucky who could factor into Phoenix's backcourt equation right from the start of the season if he proves to be a capable defender with enough playmaking skills to get by.

T.J. Warren: If you know someone who constantly bemoans the reliance on 3-point shooting in today's NBA, introduce them to Warren. The second-year forward from North Carolina State is a total throwback player who creates almost all of his damage off well-timed cuts and bullying drives to the rim in traffic. Warren looks like he's playing a different sport out there, but it works.

Alex Len: Between Len and Tyson Chandler, the Suns have a good shot at having one healthy center for most of next season. Len's injury history is unfortunate, mainly because he clearly has the potential to be a quality two-way center in the NBA. Len may not play for long in Vegas, but he'll almost always be the best player on the floor when he does.

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