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Phoenix Suns re-introduce Brandon Knight, dual playmaker system; cite leadership and commitment as key

The dual playmaker system is alive and well, and will be roaming the courts of Phoenix for a long time to come. Whether you like it or not, the Phoenix Suns really, really do.

In the past ten months, they committed $140 million to play Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight at the starting guards for the next few years, likely sharing the court about half the game and alternating at point guard. Coming off the bench, it appears, will be rookie-contract guys like Archie Goodwin, Devin Booker and (maybe next year?) Bogdan Bogdanovic as well as mid-to-low paid veterans.

If you weren't convinced of the Suns' commitment to this lineup, watch the press conference.

I don't quite have time to transcribe the conference, so here are the paraphrased talking points:

  • When the combo of Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe didn't work out in year two (and would have cost even more for an older core of players if it did), the Suns turned quickly to Brandon to share time with Eric.
  • Knight is still improving, just turned 23 this spring despite four years in the NBA already. "I'm young and old at the same time."
  • Knight said the time he was injured allowed him to decompress and see the organization for what it was: a top notch organization from the top to the bottom, and somewhere he wanted to stay for a long time to come.
  • Knight never considered other offers. He flew to LA to meet with the Suns at 9pm on June 30 (or, midnight July 1) to sit down and agree to the contract.
  • He asked to participate in the Tyson Chandler and LaMarcus Aldridge meetings to help sell them on the Suns, and wanted to wait to sign last so the Suns could spend more money on other players.
  • On his third NBA team in 4 years, despite always being a starting caliber player, Knight wants to find a long term home (explaining why he never considered a short-term deal this summer).
  • He knows how to play with Bledsoe, that they each have their strengths and weaknesses and wants to share the floor with him. He knows what he signed up for.
  • Lon Babby said the Suns were at times immature and unprofessional last year, and that Brandon Knight and Tyson Chandler will correct that problem.
  • Jeff Hornacek said Knight will be their talker on offense (getting the guys in the right spots) while Chandler will be the talker on defense.
It was pretty much a feel-good presser, as you might expect. I tried to ask the straight up questions, and they gave straight up answers.

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