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2015 NBA Summer League: Devin Booker and Nate Bjorkgren reflect on week after Phoenix Suns loss to Spurs

The Phoenix Suns fell to the San Antonio Spurs in Monday night's Summer League championship game. Devin Booker and Nate Bjorkgren spoke after the loss.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Well friends, the Phoenix 2015 NBA Summer League run as come to an end. While it didn't end the way that any of us would've liked, there are certainly plenty of positives for the Suns we can take away after the week in Vegas. Most important of course, Alex Len didn't get hurt this time.

Turnovers were the killer last night. The Suns got another big scoring performance, this time from Mike James, but his 32 points weren't enough to compensate for the mistakes against the Spurs. Suns first round draft pick Devin Booker, who scored 31 on Sunday night, talked about what Phoenix could've done differently against San Antonio.

"Just play together better. On the offensive and defensive end. We were just guarding our own man when you need to help out your teammate. You know, it's learning. We hadn't had two days of practice before we got here, so overall we played well."

Booker addressed his growth this week, getting his first taste of NBA competition.

"Just getting a feel for the nba flow. It's a lot different from college. The games are much longer. People are a lot bigger, stronger, faster out there. So you just have to adjust and think about the game."

Despite the loss in the championship, Summer Suns coach Nate Bjorkgren seemed pleased with the performances he got out of the team this week, particularly on the defensive side.

"It's been a great week. To play like we did, I thought defensively we were very good, which was the big thing I wanted to emphasize this year in summer league. (We) played all the way to that final game, and it says a lot about these young guys and where we're going."

More so than many Summer League teams, this season's Suns really seemed to grow together during the week. At different times different players were the go-to guy and several Suns stepped up defensively. Phoenix got big efforts from the likely (T.J. Warren) and unlikely (Jorts).

"I thought from the Suns guys, Alex, and TJ, and Devin Booker, those guys grew as we moved along. It's going to take those defensive stops and really locking in on D to create things on offense when it comes regular season time. So i saw a lot of nice things from all those guys."

Unsurprisingly, when asked about his favorite part of the 2015 NBA Summer League, Bjorkgren only mentioned Big Jorts. No, sorry. He didn't.

"Just being around these guys. I loved coaching these guys. I told everyone of them that in the locker room. Just being a part of the Phoenix Suns. It means a lot and I'm really looking forward to the season."

That's probably the better, more diplomatic answer. The Suns wrap up Summer League play with a 5-2 record, and I still hate the Spurs.

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