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Is this a new Phoenix Suns black alternate jersey?

It's an awful pic, I know. But so far, it's the best we have to go on.

Initially tweeted by Andrew Lind as part of a collage of all the new jerseys, one of them looks awfully like it could be a new alternate Suns jersey.

Here's a bit of a blow-up - grainy as all get-out - of one that might be a Suns alt.


You can't see the team letters, but it COULD be PHX. The letters are black-on-black, which has become popular in recent years on ball caps. As you know, the Suns twitter account has been using 'WeArePHX' all summer as a teaser to next year's slogan, so PHX might be highlighted on an alt jersey as part of the slogan.

Andrew Lind agrees.

Wish we had better pics. Could be any team's jersey, really.

But if it's a Suns alt, that's pretty cool!

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