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Marcus Morris still upset with Suns

Marcus Morris is still upset with the clowns that traded him. Hurt feelings are somewhat normal, and usually inconsequential, from a traded player, but factoring in the relationship with his brother, Markieff, I hope the ire isn't poisoning the well.

In each other's ear.
In each other's ear.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

In what has become the norm in the twitterverse... last night intelligent people were tweeting intelligent things.

I know that's where I go for scintillating conversation.

A particularly poignant exchange between a current and ex Sun was brought to my attention this morning. Here is what the erudite duo came up with...

Markieff Morris

Normally I wouldn't concern myself too much with the opinions of a disgruntled former employee... especially one as esteemed as Marcus Morris.

But the fact that Marcus is in the ear of his brother, Markieff, does make me take notice. Since the two largely appear to share the same brain it seems at least a little bit likely that Marcus's vitriol may be rubbing off on Markieff.

Given Markieff's history of maturity and decision making this is even more troubling.

If Marcus is still calling the Suns clowns on twitter, what is he saying in privacy to his brother? Compound this with the fact that the Suns have had little contact with Markieff this summer... He's hanging with the person calling the Suns clowns, but not the clowns themselves.

Markieff may be the biggest wildcard going into next season, with the ability to derail the team's playoff hopes if his hurt feelings turn into an internecine force. Should McDonough do something? Is this a gamble worth taking given Markieff's track record? After all, despite being one of the team's "best players" after the Goran Dragic trade, I still consider Markieff to be a good (maybe very good), but nowhere near special player.

Archie Goodwin

I'm happy that Archie is still brimming with confidence, it's easy to brim with confidence on twitter, but I would love to see actual performance on the court instead of merely boasting while posting empty tweets.

After all, if Archie actually kicked down a door in the Suns facility it would probably be the most memorable thing he has done as a Sun... because the only thing that really strikes me about his two years here was one electric dunk.

That's it.

So hopefully Goodwin takes some breaks from the Drake/Meek Mill feud and tosses up some extra three pointers, because Devin Booker might be right behind the door he's trying to kick down.


*This story brought to you by tomorrow's the first day of August.

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