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Phoenix Suns to sign SF Sonny Weems to two year deal

He has not played in the NBA since 2011, but the Phoenix Suns have signed him up to a multi-million dollar multi-year deal to be a shooter off the bench. Weems made 36.8% of 300 three-point attempts over the last three seasons in the Euroleague.

The sauces say its true:

Weems is an athletic 6'6" small forward who can shoot the rock. This is the Suns second signing (reported, Tyson Chandler) since the free agency period opened last week.

Our own BSotS bloggers have reacted already on twitter

What this likely means:

  • Goodbye Gerald Green
  • Goodbye Marcus Thornton
  • Fewer minutes for either P.J. Tucker or T.J. Warren at SF
  • Fewer minutes for Devin Booker at SG
Not sure how I feel about all that, but Weems can shoot the ball and the Suns need a lot of shooting.

Oh, and wish Sonny a Happy Birthday as he turns 29 today.

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