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Solar Flares: Will Tyson Chandler be among the best defensive centers in the NBA?

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10 NBA articles you may have missed.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Bledsoe netted 85 points at a charity game in Alabama last weekend, and he was the game's second leading scorer.

At least one ESPN writer thinks that the Phoenix Suns have the "second-worst roster construction in the Western Conference."

CBS Sports' Matt Moore:

"Teams victimized the Mavericks by putting Dirk Nowitzki in pick-and-roll coverage and forcing Chandler to cover for him. He couldn't do it consistently. Phoenix is a different animal, however. Brandon Knight,  Eric Bledsoe and P.J. Tucker have all shown good defensive impact on the perimeter, and Markieff Morris, if he's still around, won't be as limited physically as Dirk is at this point." Can new Sun Tyson Chandler still be one of the very best defensive centers in the NBA?

Here's Moore's complete offseason report.

James Harden was dunked on before hitting the game winning shot at the Drew League championship game Sunday in Los Angeles.

The Suns and Phoenix Mercury are helping with an Arizona voter initiative to educate school children about the electoral process.

New Suns swingman Sonny Weems returned to the West Memphis high school where he won a state championship to host a free three-day youth basketball camp last week.

Here's your reminder of the worst kept secret since his brother was shipped out to Detroit, Suns forward Markieff Morris wants out of Phoenix.

Fresh off an impressive 2015 NBA Summer League performance, Josh Harrellson may be the name that fills out the Suns roster.

When looking at sheer numbers, does Phoenix have more professional sports teams than the market size would suggest?